July 22nd afternoon, although 6.18 of the electricity supplier war did not appear anticipated unpopular, but the main theme of this year’s electricity supplier industry still grab the customer, each enterprise to gain access to the electricity supplier three tickets for the race. With the abolition of home appliances subsidy policy, since entering in July, the department stores to replace home appliances has become a new electricity supplier price war home.

this month many of the electricity supplier business will focus on the promotion of the transfer of the field of daily necessities. First the general merchandise store No. 1, mainly the beginning of the five anniversary of the anniversary promotion, and the Jingdong immediately after the mall also announced super business will launch a fresh business, external impression has always been to 3C digital communications products, "man business easy fast network for the first time to carry out large-scale department stores theme promotion category. read more

2010 a day, I want to quit my job, out of their own business, but for many of the items are not found in the right. Have a chat with some friends, they are no more than a few things you can do at work to make a little extra money, the hearts of the whole point of thinking about what to do things, can’t do starve to death, finally we get exactly the same opinion, is to do a virtual host, it is the so-called IDC, because we are is the network professional background, for us it is very small. Then use the friends of the company’s two servers (server basically no files, pure furnishings), and then installed a N point virtual host management system, so that each month’s hosting fees are saved. For the first time the situation is not so good, not what business, but since our business improved 2 months, our business is getting better and better, the price is low, the second is the customer service guarantee, the third is the space is indeed stable, customers are also more and more, until the end of 2010. We have five servers, then there is no friend to the company’s server, the server will be hosted in Jiangsu, but each month have to pay the cost of hosting many. read more

in late July, taobao.com launched the integrity of self-examination and put up a pageantry action to reforming the moral order of online shopping market, the establishment of a new online shopping credit standards, but unfortunately, it killed more than 12 thousand suspected in the store, did not deserve the most of people applauded, contrary to some dissatisfaction "manslaughter" sellers also organized "anti Taobao union". This is probably Taobao suffered the embarrassment of the standard building on the good faith to remedy the situation, although not too late, but the pay is normal. read more


] November 28th news billion state power network, under the anticipated black Friday in the morning today in Chinese first opened for a imported electricity supplier who ushered in the flow, the surging sales of holiday. According to data released by the Amoy Amoy, black five opening of the five minutes, its sales break million, to the morning of 9 points, sales have reached 10 million level.

black five War 1 hours honey Amoy sales

black five war 9 hours honey Amoy sales

It is reported that read more

this paper, published in the "sales and marketing" channel version 5 monthly: Zhuang Shuai 100 read business column, recently came to Lining Lin Li, head of electronic commerce minister Zhao Zhi, Galanz e-commerce e-commerce Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd responsible person recently have left, plus before suning.com and other traditional enterprise business department general manager of change, let us in in the traditional enterprises electricity supplier manager

pinch to sweat!

why are they leaving? Is the failure of the project or strategic adjustment? Is better or forced? In three years, the electricity supplier looks prosperous, the boss’s expectations are constantly pushing; while in the traditional enterprise, business managers are very careful and humble, such as wolves opponent, to coordinate the interests of the conservative system. Occupation situation as KB Boloni electric responsible person Wang Lei said: half water half flame. read more

a month ago, shop No. 1 Chairman Yu Gang and CEO Liu mountains to leave, just half a month later (early August), Yu Gang, Liu Junling, a strong return of one drug network news once again aroused the concern. One medicine network was founded in July 2010, was a channel 1 shop, WAL-MART holdings, just in the shop and Liu Junling from the acquisition of the 1 shop, and there is no equity interest in shop No. 1. Although the new journey in just direction is clear, but the replay in just from his hand to make arrangements for the No. 1 store sadly curtain call, there are a lot of entrepreneurial experience and deepen our understanding of the electricity industry. Chinese entrepreneurs, a comprehensive industry insiders, No. 1 shop employees and investors and other clues, will be just why the number 1 shop out of control and the frustration of the development of shop No. 1 were analyzed. read more

Dragon Boat Festival, a friend sent me two Amazon shopping card, a few days later I was in full consumption in Amazon. June 20th after the order, in June 21st the query orders, is still in the state of not shipped. In June 27th or June 28th, I should be able to receive the goods, according to Amazon.

than I have many times before the online shopping experience, Amazon and Dangdang have a fight. In 2008, when I was on the Internet to order two of the people of Lang Xianping economics, after half a month to receive the goods sent dangdang. After that, I have not purchased goods in Dangdang, although I have seen the basic books Dangdang, and finally I choose other platforms. Because Dangdang that experience, has made me completely lost interest in dangdang. read more

The domain name registration and domain name investment has become a hot topic of the moment, and there is a growing trend, many well-known enterprises have inadequate protection of the CN domain name has been registered. Yesterday, the reporter landed McDonald’s I love the site when the accident found, wojiuxihuan.cn CN domain name was actually sold 50 thousand yuan price.

"as everyone knows, since McDonald’s launched last year total PR, the slogan is" I love you "". Beijing Zhongce joint planning center responsible person Mr. Lu told reporters that he happened to find when eating McDonald’s McDonald’s opened a new "I love" website, but found out, "wojiuxihuan.cn CN" domain name has not been registered, then quickly rush down.

read more

[science and technology] micro-blog today released a grand edition of the three core changes: 1, exclusive identity: blue V users have a Taobao store can be displayed in the rear of the nickname "Amoy" mark. 2, Taobao shop background can be directly inserted into the micro-blog, as long as the product links in micro-blog page will directly display the item "card" analysis, 3 strong data, can analyze the propagation path of commodity in social media; social shopping 2 times come! read more

summary and Outlook: China’s online shopping market in 2010 to expand the size of the user, the transaction size of the double growth. IResearch latest statistics show that in 2010 China online shopping market transactions reached 498 billion yuan, close to 500 billion, accounting for 3.2% of total retail sales; at the same time, online shopping users reached 148 million, which is 30.8% of all Internet users. At the same time, China’s online shopping market competition position shifted from C2C to B2C. The shopping site towards the scale, brand, platform oriented direction, the future of B2C companies will compete in advertising resources, user resources, upstream sources, human resources, etc.. read more

new business models, new values, new home shopping way of life, this is the shop No. 1 online supermarket location! According to market consulting report: 2008 Chinese B2C e-commerce growth rate is 200%, will reach 400% in 2009, when a new batch of e-commerce in China booming, shop No. 1

online supermarket came into being!

for Contemporary Chinese white-collar workers, to go shopping in the supermarket has become a headache thing, traffic jams, queuing checkout so that the pressure of working young workers increasingly reluctant to go to the supermarket. 1 shop online supermarket to bring customers a new way of life: as long as a few clicks of the mouse or pick up the phone, we will be able to deliver the daily needs of customers. Shop No. 1 online supermarket covers food and beverage, beauty care, kitchen cleaning, baby toys, household appliances and other five categories, Home Furnishing kinds of goods, that is to say, in addition to fresh, daily necessities supermarket you can buy in the shop No. 1 online supermarket. read more

for Adsense, recently the most sensational thing in the world is the thunder Advertising Alliance launched the new platform, multi-function, advertising to make money; but more sensational than this, of course is not only money, but also to take the prize.

now, the thunder advertising alliance officially launched, launched the "no more than anyone who, only who earn more money" race activities, as long as you join the advertising alliance advertising, by calculating your advertising average thousand show hits from the daily ranking, in the final period of 15 day money race activities in the average thousand show produced the most hits will be SONY PSP awards, and other awards, winning probability is very high. read more

during the festive season, especially hot couples dress dresses, so how to grasp the good opportunity, seize the opportunity to earn the cost of the Spring Festival, sweet love planning departments, and a number of senior sales service for all weapon, we summarize several marketing strategies, especially useful.

one: Through Train + spike special promotions

love to engage in special offer seckill activities of friends, in this Christmas and New Year Festival Eve will not be missed, set 5-10 (special offer seckill limit discounts, discounted at the same time can be set 20 5-10 seckill products, reduce the discount, other styles can also be appropriate discount), and set the recommended window, shop your flow will have a sales volume increase, it depends on the skills, there may be children of wholesale orders Oh, children on Christmas Day special units to engage in activities. read more

recently, in China micro business integrity and the integrity of the swearing in ceremony brand news conference, ten year old founder Wu Qiao bin, Si Bu Group Chairman Wu Zhaoguo and other ten major brands have "micro leader integrity micro business platform, announced in May 19th will be officially opened the prelude to Chinese micro business integrity swearing in Guangzhou. According to the meeting to disclose the data, after a year of brutal growth, micro business practitioners surged from 10 million to 20 million, the quality of employees short-term surge uneven in quality, in the face of external challenge, derivative of the whole industry is facing a huge crisis of faith. The swearing in ceremony at the great in strength and impetus of "fake" and "security" and "no rights" and the derivative of chaos, the walls of the people waving the banner of good faith to solve the "growing pains". read more