the development of local characteristics, can effectively promote the local economic development. Fujian in the process of economic development, make full use of local natural advantages, continue to build cultural tourism and eco-tourism industry, and achieved very good results. This time, Fujian, Wuyishan will be built into a 5A class tourist attractions, below we understand.

Provincial Tourism Bureau news, Wuyishan will be a total investment of about 1 billion 200 million yuan, and strive to use 5-10 years to build a high starting point, high grade, high standards, the internationalization of Wuyishan forest ecological leisure tourism town.

It is reported that

, Wuyishan forest ecological leisure tourism town planning in Nanping City, Wuyi District Hing town, from the world cultural and Natural Heritage — Wuyishan scenic area is about 17 kilometers, about 3 kilometers from Fujian Wangcheng.


project covers an area of about 2045 acres, plans a total investment of about 1 billion 200 million yuan, and strive to build in 5-10 years, with "forest ecology" as the theme, the forest ecology museum for infrastructure projects, health care, tourism and leisure resort collection, cultural experience, tourism and other functions in one of the products of various types and themes supporting public service activities, improve the mountain ecological leisure tourism town and the national 5A level scenic spots.

to play the characteristics of the region, but also a better development of the region’s economy, which is beyond doubt! Wuyishan as an ecological town, the development of tourism has a unique advantage in the future, with the development of this tourist area, will further enhance the level of economic development in Wuyishan town.

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