January 13th news, according to foreign media reports, local time on Tuesday, Google released a Google chief legal adviser David Domde (David Drummond), the official blog. Bowen said, Google headquarters said it is assessing the feasibility of its business operations in China, and may completely withdraw from the Chinese market.

The chief legal adviser

Google Bowen said, Google has decided not to Google China website would continue to censor search results, the next few weeks, Google will China and the government under the legal framework of how to operate an unfiltered search results the engine website carries on the discussion; this may mean that Google will be closed Chinese website, and may revoke the offices in the Chinese.


in Bowen said, in mid December 2009, they detected a Chinese, from corporate infrastructure for high technology, targeted hacker attacks, the attack led to Google’s intellectual property rights infringement.

Google said in a blog post, these attacks and attacks exposed surveillance behavior, as well as other network restrictions, prompting Google decided to assess the feasibility of China’s business operations.

another foreign media exposed, last week, former US President Clinton has worked with the U.S. technology executives dinner, including Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Microsoft’s chief research officer Craig Mundie, CISCO system company executive vice president Hugh Bost Rom. It is not clear whether the meeting is Google to make this reaction fuse.

currently, Microsoft Corp has not commented on this.

investment bank analysts said that Google’s introduction of the Chinese market, Google and consumers are clearly not good news, and suggested that Google is best able to find a way to solve the problem. Even if Google had to shut down its business in China, there will be a day of recovery, and he hopes to resume soon. Google can not imagine the permanent closure of Chinese business".

the person believes that, for any business, China is a huge engine of growth, Google can also find great opportunities in the Chinese market. IT industry will find a way to deal with hackers, which is also plagued by a lot of other companies from time to time, but also the user’s disaster.


in after hours trading, shares fell 1.3%, to $583.05, Tuesday’s closing price of $590.48.

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