What is the

in 2016 the hottest cool technology


VR (virtual reality)


what is VR? VR using computer simulation technology to produce a three-dimensional virtual world, users wear VR specific equipment, will produce "immersive experience, are personally on the scene" in the visual and auditory experience personally on the scene, touch and smell senses. But many entrepreneurs think this is the game industry, with our traditional industry has nothing to do with it. No! If you know what to sell the house and sell perfumes and sell bags, even sell food can use virtual reality technology to upgrade the brand marketing, you should think about why people do VR? What is the impact of technology on users of the enterprise? The future, others through the VR technology and the user establishment the emotional experience, enhance brand loyalty, and you’re still in the traditional way to sell products, but also competitive



such as food and beverage industry, we invite some guests to dinner, the use of VR technology, we feel that they are eating French a rose garden, floral aroma…… When the main course comes, you find yourself in the water, next to the wizard of the dolphins in your side to play, the sea waves beat his own…… Restaurants can integrate five senses to present a variety of virtual reality experience. Maybe when the order, the waiter greeting is the most charming, do you want to eat in New York? Or do you want to eat in Italy? We have cabin space experience? This time customers eat rice? No, the pursuit of customer is one kind of experience.


CVSC with many years in the field of consumer research results put forward one of the Chinese consumer market ten trends is "comprehensive consumer experience model", that in twenty-first Century the consumer demands for products and services will be more than functional satisfaction. It is becoming more and more important for the brand to surpass the function of the product and bring them all kinds of senses, feelings and values. Simply put, is not only to have the brand "function" on the benefits, but also the "experience" or "emotional" benefits. Its brand management team has advocated the E era of brand marketing needs to establish a strong emotional connection with consumers, let users love you. Because of the evolution of economic development from the past agricultural economy, industrial economy, service economy to experience economy at the present stage, and the different stages of economic development in the production and consumption behavior. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, with the development of material civilization and the improvement of living standards, people demand for the function of interest has been greatly satisfied, consumers will pursue a higher level of satisfaction, "happiness", "cool", "cool" is the expression of demand.

brand marketing encounter VR technology that allows the interaction between the brand and the user, through a variety of scientific and technological experience, rich

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