introduction: from a strategic investment to complete holdings, why Ali as a single institutional shareholders can fix things, why must all holding



yet, people weiyang.

Zhang Zhaoyang tired of the video industry war of words can temporarily come to an end. At the end of last week, Alibaba announced the purchase price of $26.6 per share (ADS) to acquire all outstanding shares of Youku potatoes. After the completion of the offer, the acquisition is estimated to cost over $4 billion 500 million".

holdings from strategic investment, Ali why as a single institution of large shareholders can fix things, why must the comprehensive controlling? Moreover, Youku potatoes chairman and CEO Victor Koo is a diehard Ma Yun, not as beautiful as it is not obedient Wang Xing group.

such a long feeling concubine meaning, Youku potatoes to make such a choice must be no choice. Alibaba is also the beneficiary of this investment merger and acquisition, the price is very high to get a mobile portal high-frequency applications, but also to be able to get through with her mother and other advertising platform Ali, Youku potatoes to eat.

is just a cover up over $4 billion 500 million

in August 21st, Youku potatoes submitted to SEC (6-K is not registered in foreign companies in the United States to disclose certain financial information) file, you can clearly see Youku potatoes as of June 30th this year, the total share capital of 3493100432 ordinary shares, 194061135ADS. In other words, Youku potatoes 1ADS equivalent to 18 ordinary shares.


and Alibaba 17 stake in the disclosure of data show that as of June 30, 2015, Youku potatoes held shares of 18.3%. According to this ratio, the Alibaba has Youku potatoes 639237379 of ordinary shares, then the remaining shares are tradable shares of ordinary shares of $2853863053. To ADS per share price of $26.6 to calculate, then, for the acquisition of all of its shares held outside the Alibaba’s cash holdings of $4217375400.

according to the annual report as of March 31, 2015, Youku potatoes, Youku potatoes of the total share capital of 3491807912 ordinary shares, including Ali YK Investment Holding Limited (Alibaba and Yunfeng fund portfolio) holds 721120860 ordinary shares, the shareholding ratio of 20.7%. Compared to April 28, 2014, the proportion of the two shareholding from 18.5% (ALI shares accounted for 16.5%, Yunfeng fund shares accounted for an increase of 2%) to $20.7%.

this shows at least three questions: 1) if more than $4 billion 500 million Ali official statement, Youku potatoes shares

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