half a month ago, pig eight quit website launched the world partners cooperation plan, in just two weeks time, there are more than one hundred sites submitted an application, and we carry out cooperation in content. Some of these effects are good, some of the results are not, we are also summarized in our own place which is not enough, so that the effect has not been maximized.

pig "World partners" plan is for DIY personalized customized gifts is simply introduced, as long as you have a website, as long as the pig’s application, you can self own websites set up a "customized" channel for the address is http://s. http://s.www.zhubajie.com/diy/ mod=diy& com=myjoin_add?.


in partnership with many owners, but also our own learning process, since you cooperate with us, is hoping to make money together, in this process, we have some experience, I think for many webmaster, such cooperation must have not less, say some experience, is communication.

1, the light is to open a channel of the two level, or in their original website home page for some guidance, is not enough. Consumers want to buy a thing, certainly will make some advance understanding of the full range, which requires a channel to know, this channel may be a version, may be some explanatory text, may be a special, but no matter what, this thing needs.

2, to join the site of their own to have a primary understanding of DIY, because the members of the site have questions, the first thought is to ask the webmaster, but also have a certain degree of trust.

3, in their own website need to continue to promote, not a guide is enough.

4, it is best to combine their own characteristics of the site, their own planning some activities, with DIY as a prize, guide consumption.

in general, and then a small website, as long as it is to the content of cooperation this one gains, we must learn to self plan, this plan is not only the activity, and the soft propaganda, a series of things.

in fact, there are many details, as a pig, there are many places need to be improved, such as with the follow up join Adsense publicity of this piece, as we are still far from enough, this one has just begun, but also hope to get the guidance of predecessors.

finally thanks to the help of the king, is the king of Admin5, only to let a lot of webmaster and we became friends, figure Wang is really a warm-hearted person, thank you.

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