recent WeChat little action a lot.

is the first in the search interface of the circle of friends appeared on the "circle of friends one year review", "one week hot circle of friends, friends of music", a few days ago in the "article" secretly engage in a search interface called "Internet elite are watching" label.


a year circle of friends, the function of the user is only a part of the high degree of intimacy with their friends in the state of the more popular content. "The Internet elite are watching" the entrance seems not everyone will show, perhaps is in beta, there may be associated with common interest in reading. After clicking, the page will show a series of original articles on WeChat’s public platform, are related to the Internet industry.

has long been the content of the spread on WeChat, mainly based on the two secondary entrance: the list of folded subscription numbers, as well as the spread of social relationships between users. Now it looks like WeChat wants to make some changes.

every day is also a circle of friends have been playing it down


arguably, social platforms have been signs of content distribution "to the center", users and friends together to filter and distribute the content on the platform, equal to stem the traditional media, portal era editors work yourself.

and these new portals, but rather let the system for the user’s social information flow to make a two screen, let the system rather than other users decide what you can see.

why "retroaction"? Open your circle of friends look to understand.

below is a different time range, through the Google search brush brush circle of friends to find the number of results, in 2015 -2016, circle of friends more and more frequent explosion".


occasional explosion of money, is a circle of friends, the square property of a reflection. But when the explosion of money frequently appear in the user’s circle of friends when it is not controlled, the user through the WeChat platform to obtain useful information on their own, resulting in an increasing interference.

There are two reasons behind this phenomenon of


is the first increase in the number of content sources and content. In 2015 August, the disclosure of WeChat open class QingDao Railway Station activities, the number of WeChat public number has exceeded 10 million in December; the "WeChat open class PRO" once again push disclosure request more than 700 thousand times a day to the public platform.

second is an increase in the user social interaction coefficient. Tencent Global Partner Conference WeChat sub Forum on the release of the 2015 WeChat life white paper shows that the number of friends per WeChat users has reached 128 people. Overall, the continued growth of the total number of users of WeChat, will inevitably lead to a single user list of friends continue to lengthen >

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