Two days before

, in a QQ group inside to see someone sent an article about A Jun to two different barber shop, although all the barber, but paid the price is different, but the psychological feeling is also different. I give you the story to restore.

barber shop inside the compromise effect

A Jun for the first time to go to a barber shop, the clerk smiled and talked about the introduction of 38 yuan and $two price 98. What is the difference? The clerk replied: "38 yuan is the ordinary stylist of Haircut, and $98 is the manager when the manager has been introduced! Although the clerk received the honor of what ah, you still feel A to spend 98 yuan to feel no need for that, but it is not a day to see the VIP


A Jun second to another barber shop, the clerk to recommend four grades, the lowest is 38 yuan, but 68 yuan, 98 yuan and 128 yuan 38 yuan! Is a consultant stylist, manager of 68 yuan hairstylist, 98 yuan is the director level the stylist, also is the most high. In the choice of time, the clerk has been looking at himself, and other service personnel are also to A Jun side look. This time, but the decisive A chose 68 yuan hair stylist. That is the manager level! Why should choose 68 yuan? The main feeling so face, at least not let people feel too much, after all, have a pair of eyes staring at their own!


moreover, I believe that the level of technology managers should not be too bad, it is to buy technical services + face

actually, this is the compromise effect, most of the time when we buy things love select middle price is too high, our own consumption ability is limited, too low, can not see! This requires enterprises for their own people need to control, accurate pricing to


what do you read from the compromise effect


human nature: face saving

whether it is a man or a woman, human nature is to face to self-esteem. We are in the process of marketing, if we can seize the user pain points. Will be able to successfully sell the product, I have a deep understanding of this, for example, when I went to the barber, the clerk enthusiasm to sell all kinds of members, and then have a variety of advantages. Sincere language, so that you are embarrassed to refuse. So, I also caught the


for enterprises should improve their brand value:

also is a barber, let the manager Haircut and clerks Haircut, wrong price nearly 1 times, this is not just a technical gap? To outsiders, in fact, this position is a brand manager. This brand has created a degree of trust, we will take it for granted that the director of technology better than the manager, the manager will be better than the technical staff.

if one wants to be competitive, the quality of their products is the foundation, the value of the brand

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