Hello, I am a small Mo Shanghai dragon, not for a long time to write the article, I give the optimization skills share website page today, these are recently summarized his work by some personal experience, if there is any good or wrong place hope to put forward to learn from each other. Ha ha! Talk about Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will generally think the most important is the content and the chain, in fact, the basic Shanghai dragon is in these areas, because there is a saying "content is king in Shanghai dragon industry, the chain for emperor", the most important thing is to check their Shanghai Dragon concept always do this. So, the content and the chain is an important factor in the quality of the website ranking. Today, I talk about the inside pages of the site or can be said to be optimized in addition to a station outside so you need optimization. A website, we not only need to optimize our primary stations such as www.***贵族宝贝 can be, we need to optimize the site within the page or column page is, it can bring more traffic to the target site.


, URL and

when we determine the optimal page, but also requires a combination of network users needs to determine the corresponding keyword, then is to find related websites. Here you need to mention is that when the inside pages of the website optimization, it is best to have the better condition of the station, can be used as a resource station, where the condition is good, not like Sina, NetEase as a resource station, but the general enterprises are willing to change, such as resource station station, when you can in the page optimization, play a good role. I will say the next exchange Links some methods, like some friends will say, how the Links, because Links is an important site outside the chain of a link, so I will introduce in the search for resources Links website in several ways:

2, friends of the chain platform

I will from the friends of the chain of this area to do a detailed explanation. When it comes to friends of the chain, you may feel very easy, but for the website page chain exchange, it is not necessarily easy, not to mention the inside pages of website optimization keywords. So I hope you can read.

doesn’t want to exchange, Links, the most direct is to add your own words to optimize the specific chain group, so you can easily find your site, exchange. This method is suitable for you need to optimize the website page is not many, but if you need to optimize the inside pages more than 10 or so, so, this method is only a temporary measure. Need other ways are combined.


to determine the site keywords

now love Shanghai chain exchange, there will be a lot of chain exchange platform. Looking for friends of the chain platform in the chain is relatively easy to find.

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