4. love Shanghai related search words;


6. index in Shanghai love Related words;

love Shanghai College as a webmaster webmaster draw operation knowledge platform, has released 00 spread thousands of articles on the site to optimize the operation of the content of knowledge covering a wide. But many students also said feedback knowledge is very detailed, but not into the system, hope to be able to see a more systematic sort of knowledge, today we have 1 stores in Shanghai dragon head Liu Su share system of Shanghai dragon’s strategy, as follows:

search usersThe definition of

3. own website gain exposure and the flow of words in the search engine;

2. search words;


it is a kind of marketing method, the basic rules of the game consists of three points, 1. in the search for users found their target users, 2. users will search into their own website, 3. will search users into their own user. This routine vaguely reminds me of how to put the elephant into the refrigerator):

[to find their target users]

well, the key to basic keyword Thesaurus? Access as we all know, is nothing more than their own, search engines, competing products. Including but not limited to the following:

target users, is actually a match. Search user information retrieval requirements for the performance of the search terms, as a website can provide what information service, the service and content to determine their capacity of production. The matching process is actually understand itself, with its own characteristics, to process user search box. The final output will be a line with their business search key word.

1. of its goods or services related to the noun, brand word, attribute words and so on;


5. love Shanghai phoenix nest expansion word word expansion interface;

Shanghai Longfeng

keyword is a tedious work, will be accompanied by the self understanding of the business, to search the user’s understanding, and constantly improve. The final output will be a key word continues to flow into the clear, keywords >

The introduction and mathematical After entering

, shop No. 1, said the leader, Shanghai dragon the things were not done, you do it, and then enter the industry rather baffling. Understanding is not high, not good at communication, I can tolerate depends on the company’s trial and error, also thank colleagues Taiai, today is your way. Special thanks to Zero, although the ten year old man, but because of your training, to understand the Shanghai dragon is going to know a lot of people now write myself a little experience of the past few years, is the community feedback Shanghai dragon.

7. competing products of structured data on the site;

8. the above words after the word segmentation;

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