here today, I’m not here to share technology is not to talk to the novice. Only engaged in this industry for 3 years, and how many personal views and regrets. So I decided to write these words with you Kanguan have the right of no importance, when a pastime, do not like do not spray, turn right and go out with red " X". For a lot of new people who are confused on SEO, I think you should be able to read it. It may be a little longer, but I’m sure I’ll have some success after reading it.

I want to say, as a veteran SEOER, or senior SEOER, so I believe you must have experienced from the novice to the present Qingjushulu unsuspectingly, hungry for knowledge, process experienced. In the daily busyness and progress, do you have a moment to stop and look back at the frustrations that you have been walking along?. Reflect on those detours that you have been through, do you still remember the ideals and aspirations of your first visit?. Is it under pressure and honed, still still so persistent pursuit of SEO, adhere to…


, first of all, talk about the development of SEO industry in recent years.

in today’s global information age, the power and influence of the network can not be ignored. It is the rapid development of the network and its incomparable coverage ability. The demand for network talents is increasing day by day, and SEO can be said to be the product of the times. Relative to programmers, design, network editing, network management, and so on, these require a certain number of technical jobs, SEO, its low threshold is also making it more and more widely one of the reasons. It is precisely because of its low demand, in the technical level, there is no very standardized things to bound and assessment. Cause more and more people into the industry, but also lead to the level of this industry is good and bad, mixed. This is the current situation in the SEO industry. As for how a good and bad mixed up, I will use the following I personally experience to tell you.

need to explain is that the SEO threshold is very low, but it does not mean there is no threshold, does not mean that it has no technical content, not the hair, the hair outside the chain is SEO, do not know, please do not pass.

, here are some of the things I see around me.

always hears people around you, or some people ask, "I hear SEO is easy. Take me in and do it."". Often such a crowd, I believe we can roughly outline their situation: they have no skills, professional learning is not fine. In the society untenable, physical work too tired, live without, and start doing odd jobs too dirty, too embarrassing pay less. Such a person, I met many, most of them are their professional do not go on, but can’t think of any other way out, they want to settle down in the network. The first thing I said was that people like this wouldn’t have made any progress or improvement since they got into this business, because he didn’t love S> at all

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