9 month Qinghai, the sky was clear, the attention of the province’s cultural art festival once again set sail slowly. For the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March anniversary, a comprehensive display of the cultural system reform and development achievements, promote the prosperity and development of literary and artistic creation in our province, the Provincial Cultural Office of press and publication sponsored by the "don’t forget the heart people with culture" — 2016 in Qinghai province has been fully carried out a series of cultural activities, activities to "life cannot do without art. Art for the luster of life" as the theme, through the exhibition performances and two categories of activities, for our province masses carefully build a cultural feast.

this series of cultural activities in recent years, the province’s artistic creation, time span, will continue until the end of the year. Boutique repertoire season Huimin showcase the province of professional art troupes in recent years in the creation of the new stage works of art, as well as the classic drama famous performance group (Festival). In the professional troupes productions drama "," Peking Opera "Thundercracker seven months 04 days", "Shaanxi gabulong", children’s acrobatic drama "demon corps", the National Ballet "Gesar" song and dance drama, "Trinidad and edge", Tibetan Opera "Song Xan Gan Bbu"; by the Qinghai Grand Theatre is invited to show green at home and abroad show Zheng Xulan concert, Australian Opera "the Magic Flute" etc.. During the national day, people stage public performances Week activities, professional art troupes in the folk art team, performing acrobatics and drama, singing and flowers folk dance programs for the majority of the audience. In commemoration of the 80 anniversary of the Red Army Long March variety performances to the choir, recitation, instrumental music, sketches, songs and other forms of interpretation of the red classic program.

exhibition activities include the second "the eyes of the artist in Qinghai" Sanjiang source theme art exhibition, the ancient city of charm "– the artist Lu Jun personal art exhibition," human right "– the cultural exhibition," know Jane recorded book keep civilization "– Qinghai Province, the first national movable cultural relics survey the results show," Qilu ink rhyme – Ming and Qing painting exhibition "and" tea horse road, eight provincial heritage exhibition "," Miao solemn – bronze statues of Tibetan Buddhist art exhibition "," Wonderland Charm — Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Art Exhibition "eight exhibition, fully display the province’s cultural undertakings in recent years the development achievements.


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