midsummer July, cool breeze. July 13th evening 20:50, as the 2012 China (Qinghai) International Halal food and supplies exhibition of the important activities of the Qinghai halal food festival in with a strong ethnic characteristics of the Eastern District of Ledu grand opening. Vice governor Wang Lingjun, Chinese CCPIT vice chairman Dong Songgen, executive vice president of China cooking association Feng Enyuan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait and other countries envoys and guests attended the opening ceremony.
Golden Sanzi, fragrant mellow sweet grains, hot tea boiled…… Many Chinese and foreign friends to make food from time to time thumbs up, praise, this is really a feast of halal food. The fifth Qinghai halal food festival is held in Xining Province, the largest, strongest lineup, the highest participation of the masses, the most abundant food event. This year, Qinghai halal food festival is sponsored by the Qinghai provincial Trade Promotion Committee, the Xining Municipal People’s government, Xining City East District, the district government contractors.
in order to expand the Muslim nation economic opening, guide and develop characteristic economy and industries, and promote the further development of halal food industry, Qinghai halal food festival has been successfully held four sessions. The Qinghai halal food festival with halal food brand promotion and promotion of folk tourism in accordance with the principle of combining "westbound, West, Xining, folk customs, folk customs, folk music" theme, the event organized into investment negotiations, exhibition forums and cultural exchanges in one, in the wider, unlimited business opportunities for delicacy event.


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