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Myriad Dishes Authentic Atmosphere Alongside Globally Inspired Cuisine

first_imgIt’s a warm Tuesday night in the Mission and Trish Tracey, the owner and chef at Myriad, a new restaurant on 21st and Mission, says that if she had a blank check she knows what she would spend it on: air conditioning.The leather seats are sticking and the fans are on full blast. No matter. Guests talk and food fills the space on Mission Street. Tracey walks through it as if she’s hosting a party filled with friends.“Who ordered these little eggies?” asks Tracey, carrying a plate filled with her “sinfully delicious” deviled eggs. She knows the answer and slips it in front of three women sitting on steel stools at the bar. They smile and Tracey blitzes back to the kitchen to help run out other orders.Her day began at 8 a.m. when she arrived to prep and it won’t end until after midnight, but the exchanges continue through the night – it’s an attentive casualness that Tracey believes brings customers back. She’s right. Myriad opened at the end of June, six weeks after moving in, and mid-week, the place is full. Already, the restaurant has nearly 50 five-star reviews on Yelp. “This is a place where people need to feel warm, welcome and relaxed,” she says. “There’s no pretense here, they should feel like they came to my house for dinner and I gave them a great meal and some wine, and that it’s okay to spill.”The restaurant is Tracey’s first — the next big step in a career that began shortly after graduating from culinary school in Connecticut in 1989. In 1992, she moved to San Francisco, where she’s worked with various Bay Area restaurants, cooking, consulting and redesigning menus.All the while, she says, she was mapping out a business plan for Myriad, a gastro-pub with a globally inspired twist.“I love foods with big, bold flavors,” says Tracey. “I eat that way, so I cook that way, too.”From bacalaitos and roasted halibut with clams, to fried chicken sammies with creamy Mexican cole slaw and a roasted lamb sandwich, the menu brims with bold flavors. Tracey picked up her love of ethnic foods from traveling the world — and the Mission continues to offer inspiration.“On this block there is a nice juxtaposition of the old and new. I definitely take flavors and thoughts and influences from just walking around,” says Tracey, referring to the fish and meat market about a block away from Myriad and El Techo de Lolinda, a nearby rooftop bar and restaurant.She frequently runs to the meat market for quick buys and checks to see if there’s any new type of meat she’s never seen before, so she can later jimmy a way to use it.Interior of Myriad, located on 2491 Mission Street. Photo courtesy of Myriad.Although new businesses in the area are subject to scrutiny from long standing businesses, she understands the adversity toward newcomers.“I get the negativity, because, you know, people have been displaced from their homes, and people cannot afford to live here, where they have lived for over 30 years, and small businesses are getting shut down because their leases are coming to an end,” she says.“There’s new restaurants next to old taquerias and I think that’s how it should be. It’s normal progress,” she adds.Tracey says she’s rarely been affected by sexism in the male-dominated restaurant business.But it has happened.During her externship after culinary school, she was told that she couldn’t work in the main kitchen area with the head chef anymore. She was astounded.“Woah, that’s really wrong,” was her thought at the time.She discovered that the male chef did not want or like women in his kitchen. Tracey stood up for herself and was soon back in the kitchen.The impulse to fight back, she says, came from watching her mother –  a single mom – put herself through school and become an entrepreneur, all while raising six kids.“I do think that there are barriers and that they are there, but I feel like I just ignore them,” she says. Also, she adds, she’s always told herself that she’s not a female chef, “I’m a chef.”Still, she would like to see more female business owners.After Myriad runs like a “well-oiled machine,” the next step will be to begin looking for a location for restaurant number two. It would be a different concept, says Tracey, who is “not looking to build a huge empire.”“I would probably like to have three,” she says. “I like to keep things interesting and keep things fresh.”For now, Myriad is on her mind. The doors have been open since 5 p.m. and at 10:45 p.m. Tracey thanks some diners for coming. It’s been a good night — meaning it will also be a late night.Tracey and her brother Randy, who lives with and also bartends for Tracey, will leave around midnight.“You have to earn people’s love for you and respect for what you’re doing. It’s time consuming, but I think we are doing okay,” says Tracey. 0%center_img Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Family of slain immigrant hold 24hour vigil demand action at Hall of

first_imgEvery hour, they recited the names of 24 people killed in officer-involved shootings around the city, including six in the Mission. In each of those incidents, the organizers say, district attorney George Gascon chose not to file charges against the police officers involved.“Since D.A. Gascon entered office, there have been 24 police shootings, and he has never pressed charges against any officer involved an officer-involved shooting,” Camarena said.Deacon Davidson Bidwell-Waite from Grace Cathedral holds prayer with a small crowd in front of the Hall of Justice. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.According to Camarena, Gascon met with Gongora Pat’s family in February, and made assurances that his office would take “six to eight weeks” to decide whether they would file charges against the two officers in the shooting incident that that occurred on April 7, 2016, on Shotwell street. Witnesses and police officers gave contradictory accounts. Two witnesses reportedly saw the victim without a knife before he was killed. Police and city attorneys say Gongora Pat brandished a large knife and lunged at them.The family says that Gascon and his office have been silent.“Just looking at it, there doesn’t seem to be anything going on,” Jose Gongora Pat, the deceased man’s brother, said. Carlos Pol Pat, Luis’ cousin, said he was frustrated that Gascon couldn’t meet with the family or even update them on the case.“He didn’t keep his word. He said he’d wrap it up by now,” Pol Pat said. “He’s got everything he needs to file charges. What else does he need?”Among the protesters were the family of Jesus Adolfo Delgado, who died March 6 in an officer-involved shooting, and the family of Alejandro Nieto. Makeshift memorials and candles were laid out in memoriam of Gongora Pat and Delgado. At night, the vigil attendees threw on ponchos and warm clothing as they prayed and held services in front of the memorials. A projector showed images of the deceased man’s family.Calls placed to the district attorney’s office and the offices of John Burris were not returned.Camarena said they plan to hold a vigil until 6 p.m. Thursday. With a medley of instruments, the family and friends of Luis Gongora Pat celebrated what would have been his 48th birthday in front the Hall of Justice in a vigil with candles and cake. But two years after police shot and killed Gongora Pat, his family and friends aren’t any closer to getting any answers from the SFPD or investigators.“What we’re trying to highlight with this vigil is that we want an end to police impunity,” Adriana Camarena said.Camarena, the family’s representative, said that a hearing between city attorneys and the family’s attorney, civil rights lawyer John Burris, was set for this Friday. She also said that a federal civil suit trial originally set for Oct. 22, 2017, was pushed back to February because of a change in judge.At the Hall of Justice Wednesday, volunteers with the group called “Justice 4 Luis Gongora Pat” held a 24-hour vigil to protest inaction from the district attorney’s office. 0%center_img Tags: Luis Gongora • police shooting • SFPD • shooting Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Mexico topples reigning champ Germany and World Cup fans storm the Mission

first_imgFiesta en La Misión: Mexico 1 – Germany 0 from Mission Local on Vimeo. Summing up the Germany vs. Mexico game #WorldCup #GERMEX — Shanif (@shanif2010) June 17, 2018 #MundialTelemundo En voz de @AndresCantorGOL así vivimos el gol de @HirvingLozano70 para el 1-0 de #MEX sobre #GER— Telemundo Deportes (@TelemundoSports) 17 de junio de 2018 Mexico’s Sunday opener at the 2018 World Cup could have gone on forever. As the game neared its conclusion, fans within the Mission District’s El Farolito Bar were less nervous than you’d think the occasion merited. Instead, they quivered with every Chicharito-led fast-break. Surfing a wave of confidence (and beers), they roared with laughter every time Germany failed to convert overwhelming possession into a game-tying goal. The final minutes involved fewer “uhhhhhs” and way more “aaaayyyyeeees!”On the opposite side of the emotional spectrum, the TV cameras settled upon a pair of red-faced Germans in the stands in Russia, holding back tears. Over the sounds of exhilaration, someone at the bar screamed: “Culerooooo!” (“asshole!”). Celebration ensued. Amid the din, Mexican fans could only determine their side had won when their players dropped to their knees. Mexico 1, Germany 0. It was time to take the party outside. Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter Email Address 0% ***Dressed in their green jerseys, with some wrapped in the tricolor flag, Mexico’s fans at El Farolito were deep into their tabs by the start of the second half. “Volumeeeeeen!” they kept screaming at the bartender, not realizing that it was their voices that were drowning the Telemundo broadcast. Every few minutes, the overwhelmingly masculine crowd would break into singing “Cielito Lindo,” some slurring their way through it. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the packed venue, there was no risk of tumbling over, no matter how many drinks you’d had.As their team held the Germans off, the delerious fans started ululating loudly: the famous “grito.” They were singing “oles” every time Osorio’s men passed the ball, a chant often reserved for the final minutes of a larger victory. And they kept drinking. They may still be drinking right now.When the referee blew the final whistle and the doors opened, people in the street  — the sober ones at least — timidly smiled and high-fived one another.It only took one car honking and waving a flag to kickstart the racket; it sounded like Mexico City at rush hour. A young woman screamed to the passing vehicles: “We’re still here!”Mexico has two more games to go in the first round, and a Round-of-16 curse to exorcise, but the wrongs were righted for at least a few days. If you run into a civilian with a spring in his or her step, you may guess who they were rooting for. ***Three days of World Cup play had elapsed without visible evidence of it spilling into the neighborhood. Fans who have lived in soccer-crazed territory during the month-long event know the feeling: One practically breathes the World Cup. The presumption was that the Mission would be the place in the Bay to replicate that sensation. But it wasn’t until Mexico won on Sunday morning that the Mission felt like soccer territory.True, the start times have been prohibitively early — meaning most fans probably watch from bed, or in a stupor. During most of the last week, the only outward signs of something actually going on were a handful of pedestrians wearing their national team’s jerseys. But even they looked quite calm!It was the silence that was the most striking. Wins are rarely on our little countries’ sides — so we are always screaming and cheering on another country’s goals. In the advanced stages, Latin Americans tend to line up behind whoever goes further. It is why, until its recent fall from grace, Brazil used to be the regional darling.It is hard to be neutral during the World Cup, which is why the controversy around Landon Donovan’s bank-sponsored enthusiasm for “El Tri” was internationally dumbfounding. One has to root for someone, and getting to watch your colors at the World Cup can be rare. Just ask Peruvian fans. If your team is playing in Russia, something great has already happened. And whatever comes next — barring getting plastered 7 to 1 — is something to be grateful for.***‘El Tri’ fans massed inside El Farolito Bar for their 8 a.m. 2018 World Cup opener.We do care about the results, though, as a masochist craves the pain. But fans in the Mission seemed to be suffering indoors. No one gathers in the streets to watch the telenovela, and you could witness the goal-triggered euphoria only if you stuck your face to a bar’s window. (Only select sites are open at the ungodly hours these games are played; they are compiled here by yours truly).Come Sunday at 8 a.m., kickoff time for the Mexico-Germany fixture, one had to wonder if fans would remain indoors. Openers are usually met with childlike eagerness, even as one’s team walks into the wolf’s mouth. Mexican fans tend to come off as overly enthusiastic about their chances. One should know better, especially against Germany, but it must be nice to be that earnest despite recurring disappointment.Mexican players seemed to share their backers’ enthusiasm, because their pressing and speedy counter-attacks were hurting a German side that was good with the ball, but vulnerable to fear. Most important, the world champions had a hard time translating their touches into goals — the country has not produced a world-class striker in years — and their attack-happy fullbacks were an invitation to wingers in full fitness.Mexico’s front four  — Layún, Vela, Lozano and “Chicharito” Hernández — were not only in great form, but bold in their forays, fed by an inspired Héctor Herrera. Back in the Mission, fans breaking the fast were silently impressed.Perhaps betrayed by hunger, this reporter chose a taqueria to watch the first half, and was caught fast-walking to a bar when “Chucky” Lozano scored the only goal of the match. Tags: sports • World cup Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

ITS Good Friday… Its the derby Saints take on W

first_imgIT’S Good Friday… It’s the derby! Saints take on Wigan Warriors this afternoon tonight in Round 7 of the First Utility Super League XXI season.As with all our home games this year, we have a host of entertainment both on and off the field to bring you the ultimate matchnight experience.Game Schedule:Turnstiles – Open 12:15pm.Academy Action – Saints 19s v London 19s KO: 12.45pm.Treasure – Will be attending the game on Friday from 1pm along with her owners from Pet Identity Insurance. They will be opposite the Red V Café with their furry friends from Pugalugs.Batchelors Mushy Peas – Will be here with their mascot – The Can of Steel – giving away coupons for their tasty product.Club Face Painters – These will be operating in the Typhoo and the Hattons Solicitors Family Stands, as well as the Totally Wicked North Stand from 1:45pm … come along and get your face painted in Saints colours for free!Inflatables – We have a range of inflatables in the South West concourse close to the Karalius’ Bar kiosk and in the North Stand concourse for our Junior fans to enjoy! Beer Buses – These special buses will have great beer on sale in the West and North concourses. They will be selling Estrelladam and Brooklyn Lager.Frankfurters – The new range will be in various kiosks around the ground and we have a hot dog stand next to the Beer Bus in the North Stand.Matchday Pies – A new tasty range will be on sale in several kiosks around the concourse. These include Steak and Pepper, Tikka, Peri Peri and Pulled Pork.North Stand Middle Kiosk – Now has Saints Gold and Fosters on tap.Boots – Your favourite furry mascot Boots will be in attendance in all the concourse areas from 1:45pm onwards so look out for him and say hello!Players – We will have two members of the first-team squad who will be down in the concourses to meet fans and sign autographs – these will be in the South-West concourse area at around 2pm, North Stand concourse 2:15pm and the South East concourse 2:30pm. Look out for the life-size players cut-outs in the South West & North Stand to mark the spot where they will be!Stillia – We have local band Stillia performing before the game. The group is currently supporting The Who.Cheerleaders – Will be performing at 2.50pm.Big Screen – Check out the big screen which will be building up the atmosphere before the big game!Bucket collection – kindly donated by Ty-phoo, there will be a collection for Claire’s House Hospice. Dig deep!Typhoo Tea – Free cup of tea for every 2016 Member. Simply present your Membership Card to the kiosk staff.Half Time – Crossbaer Challenge in association with ODs Designer Clothing.Half Time – Players from the 1966 quadruple winning side will be on the pitch to celebrate 50 years since their success. The players will be Frank Barrow, Billy Benyon, Peter Harvey, John Mantle, Tony Barrow, Geoff Hitchen, Joe Coan, Kel Coslett, Bob Prosser, Doug Laughton, Dave Markey, Tom Pimblett.Friday’s match is sponsored by Eccleston Park Golf Club with the match ball supported by Cara Brickwork.You can find out more about our match partners here.Team NewsKeiron Cunningham has named his 19-man squad for the match. You can find out more here.TicketsTickets for the game are sold out.Saints SuperstoreThe Saints Superstore is open from 9am until kick off.Members get 15 per cent off all souvenirs in March. Simply input your membership number at checkout at the Saints Superstore or take your Membership Card into the Saints Superstore. The seventh edition of our fantastic match programme ‘Strength in Numbers’ will be on sale.It features an exclusive interview with James Roby as well we a look back at recent events at Langtree Park. There’s also the latest news and views from around the club, our Academy and community teams. Today’s programme is available on the concourse as well as in the Saints Superstore and is sponsored by Warrington Audi.TravelIf you haven’t planned your trip to Langtree Park, then take a look at our Travel Section for the best ways of getting to the stadium.Matchday Car Parking details are here.OD’s Crossbar ChallengeThe half time crossbar game returns with participants having the chance to win £100 in ODs vouchers.If you want to take part email the club at keepmeupdated@saintsrlfc.comlast_img read more

FANS up and down the country are entering Kingston

first_imgFANS up and down the country are entering Kingstone Press’s latest competition, for the chance to win the Ultimate Rugby League Trip to Australia plus 2017 season ticket.And a promotional bottle of Kingstone Press cider not only offers a chance to win this fantastic prize, but also makes the perfect stocking filler for the Rugby League fan in your life.Simply head to and enter the promotional code found on each promotional bottle of Kingstone Press cider to be in with a chance of winning the top prize, which includes flights, accommodation and match tickets to watch England compete in Australia next autumn.The winner will also receive a pair of season tickets and replica shirts for a club of their choice, plus travel, accommodation and tickets to each of Rugby League’s big events in 2017, including the Dacia Magic Weekend, Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Final and Betfred Super League Grand Final.Signed England shirts and Four Nations Rugby League balls are also up for grabs in our monthly prize draws, ahead of the competition closing date of January 31.It truly is the Ultimate Rugby League prize – and the Ultimate stocking filler for any fan relishing the action in store during the next 12 months.To enter, for more information and for full competition terms and conditions, head to read more

Whiteville attorney in sheriffs lawsuit cited for marijuana possession

first_imgOscar M. Blanks III (Photo: WWAY) BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Whiteville attorney is scheduled to appear in court next month on misdemeanor marijuana charges.According to online court records, Oscar Mack Blanks, III was cited in Brunswick County for misdemeanor possession of marijuana up to 1/2 ounce and misdemeanor possession of marijuana paraphernalia.- Advertisement – Blanks is scheduled to appear in court on April 8.The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office does not have a record of an arrest for Blanks, but the Whiteville News Reporter reports Blanks was released at the scene of the traffic stop.Blanks is representing former Columbus County Sheriff Lewis Hatcher in the lawsuit over the disputed sheriff’s race.Related Article: Columbine honors 13 lost with community service, ceremonyNo one answered the phone at his law firm for comment.last_img read more

On Palm Sunday Pope says Church needs to be humble

first_img A faithful awaits the arrival of Pope Francis to lead the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli 1 of 20 Pope Francis leads the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Pope Francis holds palm branches as he leads the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Cardinal Angelo Becciu arrives for the Palm Sunday Mass led by Pope Francis in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Pope Francis leads the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli WhatsApp Pope Francis greets faithful as he leaves after the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Nuns await the arrival of Pope Francis to lead the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Nuns hold palm branches at the start of the Palm Sunday Mass led by Pope Francis at Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Pope Francis leads the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Pope Francis arrives to lead the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> Pope Francis greets faithful as he leaves after the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Pope Francis leads the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Pope Francis leads the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Pope Francis blesses faithful gathered to attend the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Pope Francis leads the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli SharePrint A general view before the arrival of Pope Francis to lead the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Pope Francis leads the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Cardinals attend the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Pope Francis holds palm branches as he leads the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo CasilliPope Francis holds palm branches as he leads the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Tens of thousands of people waved palm and olive branches in St. Peter’s Square on Palm Sunday as Pope Francis led the world’s Catholics into Holy Week commemorations ahead of Easter calling for the Church to be humble.Palm Sunday is when Christians mark the day the Bible says Jesus rode into Jerusalem and was hailed by the crowd as Messiah, only to be crucified days later.After a long procession across the square accompanied by dozens of bishops and cardinals, and following gospel readings, Francis said in his homily that it was important to resist the temptations of triumphalism and remain humble.“Joyful acclamations at Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem, followed by his humiliation. Festive cries, followed by brutal torture. This twofold mystery accompanies our entrance into Holy Week each year,” he said.The Church itself had to resist triumphalism and spiritual worldliness, he added, calling them “the most treacherous temptation threatening the Church”.At the end of the two-hour service, Francis asked the crowd to pray for peace, particularly in the Holy Land and all of the Middle East.Palm Sunday marks the start of a hectic week of activities leading to Easter Sunday, the most important day on the Christian liturgical calendar.On Holy Thursday, Francis will travel to the city of Velletri, south of Rome, to wash and kiss the feet of 12 inmates in a prison there to commemorate Jesus’ gesture of humility towards his apostles on the night before he died.On Good Friday, Francis, marking his seventh Easter season since his election in 2013, is due lead a Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) procession around Rome’s ancient colosseumThe 82-year-old leader of the world’s 1.3 billion Roman Catholics leads an Easter vigil service on Saturday night and on Easter Sunday he reads the traditional “Urbi et Orbi” (to the city and the world) message. Pope Francis greets cardinals at the end of the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli Cardinal Peter Turkson arrives for the Palm Sunday Mass led by Pope Francis in Saint Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, April 14, 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casillilast_img read more

Venice Commission Justice Minister announces new State Attorney role

first_imgDOI / Kevin AbelaDOI / Kevin Abela The Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government has announced the creation of the new role of State Attorney.The new role outlined by Minister Owen Bonnici, is a product of the separation of the dual roles of the existing Attorney General, which was presented as a proposal by the Venice Commission back in November 2018.According to the minister, the new State Attorney will retain the role of legal adviser to the government acting through an ‘independent agency established by law’, providing legal opinion. They ‘will be explicitly obliged to act in the public interest and safeguard the legality of the state actions,’ Minister Bonnici explained.Parliament starts legislative process on Venice Commission recommendationsThe move is part of a new government Bill of measures changing Malta’s constitution and institutions.The Minister had announced the government’s decision to separate the roles of the Attorney General in March and that it would be taking legal steps to implement the plans into law by Summer 2020.Updated: Attorney General role will be split; first legal steps due next week Parliament starts legislative process on Venice Commission recommendationsSelection and RecommendationAs for the role’s appointment, the State Attorney would be recommended by an Appointment Commission which would come following a public call for applications. The Prime Minister would then be obliged to give consideration to the Commission’s recommendations. This would be done before the President presents their recommendation.Minister Bonnici explained that the same procedure would be used for the selection of future Attorney General. Under this reformed role, the AG would see increased duties and powers in prosecution.  These would include instructing the police to carry out investigations and demand information on on-going ones. The AG would also be able ‘to issue any charge for any crime.’ They will also be granted the right to be take up the prosecutorial role.According to the Minister, discussions over the separation over the dual roles of the Attorney General had been ongoing since 1936. It was still part of the Maltese constitution even after independence, Bonnici explained.Procedural independenceBonnici explained that the Act would also look to separate the investigative capabilities of the police and prosecutorial bodies, ensuring ‘more independence’. The view is that Court prosecutions would be part of the Attorney General’s mandate, in the future.These maneuvers are understood to be met with a series of transitional phases, ‘with the aim that changes are made in an orderly fashion and in a manner to avoid disputes in the prosecution and Government legal services sectors, which are essential for governance and general public order.’Make change ASAP recently caught up with the Minister to obtain more information and clarifications on whether the public would be involved in the consultations on the Venice Commission.Bonnici said that he had no problem with engaging the public on the implementations of the Venice Commission but said that such a consultation should not ‘be an excuse to prolong matters.’Minister Bonnici stressed that, ‘What needs to be legislated upon ASAP, needs to be legislated upon ASAP,’ referring to the current splitting of the dual roles of the Attorney General.Need to split roles of the Attorney General is urgent – BonniciHe explained that he had no problem with consultations referring to the 2013 Bonello Commission on the reform of the Justice system. A consultation which, he said, did include the general public in its implementation.However, when asked about whether there would be some kind of information campaigns or public events to inform the public about the implementations of the Venice Commission, Minister Bonnici was not specific about when, how or if there be one. He stressed instead that the the report was ‘public’ and that ‘people have the liberty to discuss the report.’WhatsApp SharePrintcenter_img <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

Gunmen kill six in second church attack in Burkina Faso

first_img <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrint Gunmen killed six people including a priest outside a Catholic church in Burkina Faso on Sunday, the government said, the second attack on Christians in two weeks in a nation increasingly overrun by jihadists.Congregants were leaving church around 9 a.m. (0900 GMT) in the town of Dablo in the Central North region when about twenty men encircled them and shot six dead, according to a government statement and local sources.The attackers then burned the church, looted a pharmacy and some others stores, and left, Dablo mayor Boucary Zongo told Reuters. The government statement only mentioned the burning of a shop and two vehicles.“These terrorist groups are now attacking religion with the macabre aim of dividing us,” it said.Burkina Faso has been beset by a rise in attacks in 2019 as groups with links to Islamic State and al Qaeda based in neighbouring Mali seek to fuel local tensions and extend their influence over the porous borers of the Sahel, the arid scrubland south of the Sahara.The government declared a state of emergency in several northern provinces bordering Mali in December because of deadly Islamist attacks.But violence has only worsened since. Two French soldiers were killed in an operation to rescue four people taken hostage in Burkina last week, France said. Over 100,000 people in Burkina Faso have been displaced by the unrest this year, the United Nations has said.Roughly 55% to 60% of Burkina Faso’s population is Muslim, with up to a quarter Christian. The two groups generally live in peace and frequently intermarry.Then in late April unidentified gunmen killed a pastor and five congregants at a Protestant church, also in the north, suggesting the violence was taking a religious turn.WhatsApplast_img read more

Facebooks app for feature phones hits 100 million users

first_imgAdvertisement Facebook team yesterday announced that its Facebook for Every Phone app which aims to give feature phone users a similar experience to smartphone apps and an alternative to the mobi site is now seeing more than 100-million users every month.The Java-based app works on more than 3000 devices ranging from the most basic WAP-enabled phone to newer models like Nokia’s popular budget Asha range, and gives users the ability to do everything from accessing their inbox, to filtering, commenting on and uploading photos.[related-posts] – Advertisement – “This is an important milestone for us. Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected, and Facebook For Every Phone enables people around the globe to connect to the people and things they care about most, no matter what kind of mobile device they use,” said Growth Manager Ran Makavy.One of the major causes of the growth is Facebook’s partnerships with major network operators in emerging markets like Airtel mobile in India, Mexico’s Unefón and Kenya’s Safaricom, which offered free or discounted initial data deals for subscribers who used the app.The app also comes pre-installed on a number of phones, or can be downloaded by anyone accessing Facebook’s mobi site from their device.Recently, Facebook announced partnerships with 18 operators in 14 different countries (ranging from Portugal to Brazil) to give users of its Messenger app reduced data fees. It now also lets you sign up for Messenger without even having a Facebook account.Source: Memeburnlast_img read more

Interview Microsoft Country Manager Talks About Office 365

first_imgAdvertisement Eric Odipo, Microsoft Country Manager East and Southern AfricaWe are starting this week off with an interview with the Microsoft Country Manager for East and Southern Africa, Mr Eric Odipo who talked to us about Office 365 and some of the strategies to make it succeed in Sub Saharan Africa.I usually start off my interview with a fun question. So What motivates you to wake up in the morning?I’m naturally an early riser so I’m always in the office by 7:00 am. One of the things that motivates me to is my current role. I have a really strong team who are good at what they do, are able to work independently and are highly motivated. We have a great diversity in the team – and in the partner and customer community as well. In the region we cover, each country has a unique culture, business practice and set of priorities, which makes my role very exciting and the interaction very stimulating. – Advertisement – Microsoft recently launched office 365 in more than 18 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. What is special about it and why should people and businesses care?Microsoft Office 365 provides businesses anywhere access to familiar Office applications, email, calendar, video conferencing and most up-to-date documents, all optimized to give the best experience across virtually any internet-connected device – from PCs to smartphones to tablets.Office 365 gives businesses the productivity tools they need to succeed in a fast-moving world. With up-to-date Office applications for Windows-based PCs, tablets and mobile phones, end users can keep things moving forward from anywhere. Powerful, easy-to-manage online services including Exchange, SharePoint, Yammer and Lync give any business enterprise-grade capabilities.Office 365 also offers businesses control without hassle through a reimagined deployment model for Office apps and a common management experience across the platform. The service also provides peace of mind with data loss prevention as well as data retention and eDiscovery.What are some of the strategies you are putting in place to increase the success of Office 365 in sub-Saharan Africa.One of the advantages of Office 365 is that it allows us to deliver more regular updates to our customers, so they’re always up to date with the latest service features. Office 365 customers are already benefiting from quarterly updates. Our market research shows that people are incredibly enthusiastic about productivity as a service and having 24/7 access to their documents and contacts, no matter where they are.We believe that a combination of the right technology and a collaborative corporate culture enables employees to do their very best work from wherever they are.Office 365 gives customers the familiar productivity tools you use every day in the cloud and roams with you from device to device, creating the flexibility to pick up where you left off no matter where you are. This flexibility makes our working lives more manageable, leading to greater business productivity, cost savings, improved talent retention, higher employee satisfaction and many other benefits. Office 365 is about making people productive, whenever and wherever they need it.Why has the next release of Office for Mac delayed because I understand the last release was in 2011? (I am sure you are referring to Outlook for Mac) Our principle is to deliver value to subscribers as soon as it’s available. We are now more responsive to our customers than ever before and we want to deliver high quality products when they’re ready. While the engineering team were working on Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad, the Outlook team completed work on the Mac platform.We have had several small and large beta programs to make sure that the product was up to the expectation of enterprise customers and we’re now confident about releasing Outlook for Mac today as a standalone app.Currently, we are looking at second half of calendar year 2015 for the launch of the new Office for Mac.Office 365 now has apps on the iPad, Is there going to be an Office 365 suite for Android?There is a preview available for Android tablets. As you know Microsoft is making the core productivity capabilities of Office available to more people across more platforms and more devices. This latest milestone includes:* Office is now on the most popular devices:  Office for Android Tablet preview opened up recently with availability early next year* Core viewing and editing: You now get the core editing experience, in addition to viewing, available on all phones and tablets without a subscription. We’re also delivering a consistent Office experience across phones and tablets (Office for iPhone).* Office across Services: Dropbox users can browse and edit Office files with native Office editors on iOS and Android devices, Windows mobile and Web devices by early next year.As Satya outlined earlier this year, at our core, we are focused on reinventing productivity for the cloud first, mobile first world. This transformation is well underway with Office 365 and today’s announcements are examples of our relentless focus on and commitment to building great digital work and life experiences with a specific focus on dual use.I understand Microsoft Azure is another offering for the enterprises from Microsoft. Do you think Businesses are going to adopt to using the Microsoft Cloud?Yes I do.Microsoft has both real public cloud scale experience and a deep understanding of customers’ legacy infrastructure. That’s the perfect combination to provide the right cloud solution for businesses. We can adapt to a client’s cloud roadmap and meet their business needs for compliance, security, and high availability. Our hybrid cloud lets our customers extend their IT team’s existing skills, from running on-premises datacenters to Microsoft Azure or a hosting service provider’s datacenter. Our experience in datacenters and cloud lets us offer a hybrid cloud that gives them the best of both worlds. Even better, we know that some of the first things that businesses want to move to the cloud may be workloads like SharePoint and Exchange that are critical to their business activity.  We believe that no one else understands Microsoft products and supports them better than we do.last_img read more

6 things you should know about Social Media and Tourism

first_imgAdvertisement While attending the recently concluded Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo 2015, I clearly discovered we are not telling enough stories of the amazing potential sources of foreign exchange in our country. The event was centered more on Family and Travel which means accommodation service providers, car hire and different air carriers were all present at the expo. Despite the fact that the Tourism Expo was free of charge, the attendance was good but not as much as one would have expected. Being a Social Media enthusiast; I took out to twitter and other social media platforms to find out the Social stories that were being shared with the Event’s official hash tag #POATE2015. Twitter dominated with the highest number of the posts followed by Facebook.Before we go deeper into how the Ugandan Tourism industry can leverage on the Social web tools, I decided to reach out to the team that was behind the Pearl of Africa Expo 2015 to hear their views on how main stream and Social media are performing as far as awareness and publicity of the Tourism activities is concerned. Here is what Safia Ali a team member of the Uganda Tourism Board had to say; “We have seen an increasing trend in the coverage and publicity of tourism in Uganda by the main stream media over the years, however more efforts need to be invested into Social media awareness and publicity. We also clearly understand that Social media and the internet is the way to go now and as such we are putting more attention to ensure that we leverage on the social web tools to boost tourism.” I absolutely agree that there is tremendous improvement in the attitude of domestic and international visitors towards tourism in Uganda. As part of the efforts to ensure the tourism sector booms, I have put pen to paper to share out the various ways in which the Ugandan Tourism sector can leverage on Social Media and the internet to funnel in more visitors. For clarity of the different ways I am about to discuss, all agencies involved in the tourism sector need to note that Social media does not operate in isolation of other traditional communication channels, instead it’s a strong support tool to effectiveness. Here are 6 Social Media Tips for Tourism;Align your social media strategy with your overall goals and objectives. – Advertisement –  The most important metrics for agencies and organizations are those that align with your overall goals and objectives, whether it’s the one for your entire business or for a specific campaign. For example, if your objective is to increase engagement, then your brand should focus on engagement metrics such as likes, retweets, mentions, comments, and shares. If your objective is to drive business growth, then you should focus on metrics such as click-throughs, website traffic from social, and conversions driven by social mediaSynchronize Content All organizations and agencies involved in the tourism sector need to tell the tourism story through synchronized and uniform content across the different media channels. This content should be in line with the overall goals and objectives of the tourism industry in a given sector ranging from wildlife, people culture to flora. The strategy can look at content that can be easily shared by the readers like Videos, articles, infographics, podcasts to mention but a few.[related-posts]Social media management needs a social armyYou need to build a social army for more social media effectiveness.” Social media management is a team effort, and an internal social media policy is a great way to build brand ambassadors. From tour managers to content and community specialists, organizations should also encourage their employees to share their travel stories through various social media channels. And do not forget that a social media army hastens the viral marketing.Listen and engage with your audienceThere are a few easy tactics a tourism brand can use to engage their audience on social media. One of them is creating a consistent hashtag; hashtags allow the conversation about a given event or campaign to continue online but more importantly many other people can be able to follow the conversations happening irrespective of their geographical and physical location. Social media is a great market research tool, and with so many different social media analytics tools, there’s no excuse for not being familiar with your audience’s interests and desires. My recommendation to tourism brands is to “listen, listen, listen, and engage with your audience.” Showcase your brand’s great customer service by listening to your customers 24/7 on social media, and always respond to their comments, even if they happen to be negative.Encourage influencers and customers to tell their travel story on social media.Tourism brands need to encourage influencers, bloggers, and customers to tell their travel story through the different social networks like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. For example, inviting bloggers and social media influencers before launch of a given campaign enhances the online support for a given event. Along with this, encouraging the use of a hashtag is a great way to follow your customers travels through Instagram or any other social network that supports hashtags. This is a great way to collect photographs for a contest, and to see people’s perspectives when they are traveling.Use social media to generate a two-way conversations with your customersSocial media allows tourism brands to build meaningful relationships with their customers. It’s an easy tool for the audience to start that dialogue with the brand, whether it’s used to comment on the brand’s customer service or ask about the latest promotion. “Social media is built-in and is perfect for tourism.” YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are some of my most recommendable platforms for all those in the Tourism industry.last_img read more

Paramount Announces First Ultra HD Bluray Releases Star Trek Star Trek Into

first_imgAdvertisement “Digitally Remastered and Featuring Groundbreaking High Dynamic Range Technology, Films Will Debut in UHD/Blu-ray/Digital HD Combo Packs June 14, 2016”Paramount Home Media Distribution has announced that director J.J. Abrams’ global blockbusters STAR TREK and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS will be the studio’s first two titles released on the new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray format. The releases coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise in 2016.4K UHD represents the next evolution in home entertainment, offering four times the resolution and more than double the number of colors available with full HD. In addition, these spectacular 4K UHD releases deliver exceptional vibrancy and contrast through High Dynamic Range technology, which reveals hidden details and shades of color that more closely mimic real life. – Advertisement – Both STAR TREK and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS have been digitally remastered with new 4K UHD transfers for exceptionally brilliant picture quality and feature Dolby Atmos® soundtracks* remixed specifically for the home theater environment. Dolby Atmos delivers captivating sound that places and moves audio anywhere in the room, including overhead, to bring entertainment alive all around the audience.Each film will be presented in a three-disc UHD/Blu-ray/Digital HD Combo Pack. STAR TREK features a bonus Blu-ray Disc™ loaded with over three hours of behind-the-scenes content. The STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS UHD and Blu-ray Discs include the spectacular IMAX® version of the film and the package also includes a bonus Blu-ray Disc with more than two hours of special features.last_img read more

Aggie Aggie Aggie Oi Oi Oi

first_imgLadies Semi FinalsWimbledonTIME: from 1pm, BBCODDS WRONG AGAIN ON AGGIERight tip. Wrong match.It was the Murray game in the end we needed the tip for the five-setter on and not the Djokovic game – chances were high for a while with a first set tie-break but Berdych’s inability to take advantage of a TWO break lead in the second set ensured it was Djokovic all the way.Agnieszka Radwanska did the column a favour earlier in the week with her defeat of the better fancied Na Li in the quarter finals and I can’t think the market has got it wrong with her today in her semi-final against Sabine Lisicki – the second game on Centre Court today.The pair have met twice before (on hard courts) and it’s one match apiece but the World Rankings say Radwanska is significantly the better player 4 in the world v 23.Lisicki’s price for this match and for the tournament outright (the new favourite) is solely down to her shock defeat of Serena Williams in the fourth round but on overall evidence I think the market is wrong and I’m with Radwanska again.It’s like some old fashioned algebra. If 23 beats 1 can you assume 23 beats 4 ?Never was that good at algebra but for this afternoon it’s aggie, aggie, aggie. Oi, oi, oi.STAR FORECAST(stake between 0.5 and 10 points)6 point win Radwanska to beat Lisicki(-2 points Wednesday)MURRAY IMPRESSIONGot to love this Andy Murray impersonator……last_img read more


first_imgWelcome to Starters Orders. Our new daily midday update from the trading room at Star Sports with our key market movers for the day across all sports.Wednesday 17 July2.40 CatterickDiamond Lady 7/1 > 9/25.00 LingfieldPoitin 9/1 > 6/15.30 LingfieldPrincess Willow 6/1 > 4/17.10 SandownBognor 20/1 > 10/1last_img

BENS BLOG Its great to be back at The Dogs

first_img[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, is there a place that you feel totally at peace with yourself? Surrounded by people, who you might not know personally, but you ‘know’. At ease. Comfortable and confident in what you are doing. For some, it might be playing a particular sport, or painting, or cooking. For me, it’s making a book at The Dogs.It really has been fun, working again with Lofty (who’s been doing the card), and Michelle (my trusty clerk). And catching up with so many old friends and faces too, who have travelled from all over the country, to come and watch the Derby Heats.No Gambling Commission forms to fill out. No swarms of emails filled with incorrect figures to then make incorrect decisions from. No HR impositions to take on. No Knockers to chase up. JUST STANDING ON A PITCH, TAKING CASH BETS.In other news:Food Vlog 17: Golden Pie, 188 Lavender Hill, Clapham, SW11 5TQ. WEB SITEOver and out, B xlast_img read more