introduction: in the early days of entrepreneurship, blindly pursuing the number of employees, can only meet "when the boss" mentality, I feel in the use of personnel there has been a serious problem.

someone asked me why I want to start a business. In fact, I personally feel that entrepreneurship is not necessarily linked to money. For me, starting a business is just a way of life.

this may and my family, young parents always say me nothing, I dislike others this about me, maybe they are well intentioned to inspire me, but I’m from the time when I decide to make a point to them, in fact, I was at work to study hard, but feel that they pay a lot of sweat, but can not come up with a little success especially the grievance, I remember I once heard a word "ambitious talent achievement" and I was also with this impulse and opinionated attitude into my first entrepreneurial life. read more

here today, I’m not here to share technology is not to talk to the novice. Only engaged in this industry for 3 years, and how many personal views and regrets. So I decided to write these words with you Kanguan have the right of no importance, when a pastime, do not like do not spray, turn right and go out with red " X". For a lot of new people who are confused on SEO, I think you should be able to read it. It may be a little longer, but I’m sure I’ll have some success after reading it. read more

As long as

enterprises operate, they have endless demand for funds. Making money is the responsibility and obligation of business operators, and only the operators who have failed have really understood the significance of the argument that "making money is the responsibility of an enterprise". The business operators I have seen are indifferent to money making, except for the following situations:

· the money spent is not yours.

· too rich to take the business as a game. read more

[core tips] with the rise and growth of micro-blog and SNS, the once hot forum began to decline. Whether traditional forums have really started to decline, but we also see that some vertical communities (such as grass, pomegranate) not only do not show signs of decline, or continue to be supported by users. Where should the forum go,


with the rise and growth of micro-blog, SNS and social networks, the once unpopular forums are beginning to show signs of decline. CNNIC has just released the "thirtieth China Internet development report" data show that the current number of users of the BBS forum is about 156 million people, although compared to the previous two report, the number of users have to stop again, but for more than 10 years the BBS forum has been born, the gap with the new micro-blog and social networking sites are continue to expand. Has the traditional BBS forum really begun to decline, read more

is a web site for content or traffic king, which has been a relatively controversial issue. Personally think that the formal station is content for the king; do the general station, traffic is king. To do the content is to do for a long time; do flow is to earn some money. Of course, you can’t make a lot of money if you do well. That’s the problem with personal skills. I do not do regular station, say about the flow of general station.

traffic source is nothing more than the following: read more


website should pay more attention to the user experience, Baidu released the "Baidu Internet webmaster Club search engine optimization guide" can be seen in the importance of user experience, search engine changing the nomination algorithm, is to improve the user experience, the same reason, we make friends, should also focus on the user experience first, "the user, the world", the following will be the personal experience about the two optimization methods of user experience. read more

believes that many web editors, like me, dream of running their own site some day. However, perhaps because the craving was too obvious, the boss decided to remove me from the portal team and be solely responsible for the company’s Web site. As a result, I have the opportunity to sum up the experience and lessons of portal construction from an onlooker’s point of view.

specifically, creative corporate portal is formed in early July this year, August to complete the planning, and produced by the network company. September, when we discuss the on-line time of the website, was informed that 26 in Yongjia, there is a fourteenth China Hardware Fair, so Mister on the spot finalized, participants, promotion. So the marketing department mobilize manpower, negotiate, exhibition, making propaganda page, the preparatory conference…… read more

just now, I’m still upset about the revision of the happy studio…

right now, I feel very happy because I’ve solved some of the dede:freelist usage problems. I’ve been forced to publish it on my website and share it with my friends, and I hope I can help some friends like me,.

freelist is a new feature of dede5.3 tag. Also called free list tag. Before the Dede to create a list of articles or graphic time can only use {dede:arclist/} tags to call or column data call through the {dede:list/} tag in the section of the page, the two caller type each have advantages and disadvantages, the call data is very flexible, but cannot call paging, the latter can be paged to call. read more

an enterprise website construction, the purpose is to bring benefits to the enterprise, then how to operate a good enterprise website, can realize the purpose of enterprise building site. Share the following method today:

first, analyze the target users of the enterprise website, and design the web page for the users of the website. Many enterprise websites in the Internet do not design the page according to the user’s point of view when they are building. Whether in the building materials industry, or the catering industry, the design style of the website page is similar, and does not have its own characteristics. It can be said that the enterprise website is basically the same, but the product is very different. A lot of column design on the corporate website, product introduction is not news, the content is not from the user’s perspective, not considered good user experience, but also the design style and the product page is not consistent. Enterprise website design must be in accordance with the needs of users to build, so that it can attract users. read more

recently very depressed just quit my job to do nothing at home are on their own to do a website, the content is about entertainment humour picture thinking very well but just set up two days did not feel tired wow. Collecting information everywhere everywhere is not to click on that set flow. Feeling very disappointed until now is not what to click on the website. I write these things on the one hand, on the other hand is whine on everyone clicked on hey thank you for the first of course what is slowly step by step out to worry should not eat hot tofu. I hope what is going to be okay. Wish you all the. read more

Leon was published in thirty and chestnut

can be said that the electronic commerce website integrated basically is like the human body, or as a basket case, he is a commodity, consumers and employees which have normal operation, and the three party as the body of the white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets, I they are defined as follows:

commodity suppliers are white blood cells: they provide immunity, attack pathogens and foreign objects, and are responsible for white blood cells. read more

First of all thank the

platform network owners to provide us with the out of order, before the name continued to cast a lot of releases, but estimated nobody knows. From today onwards, the unified use of this network name sharing, today is the "industry website content updates 631 rules", we hope to help.

now everyone knows the importance of website updates and the importance of original articles. Can be updated every day how much content, update what content, how to come to these content, it is estimated that personal webmaster is still the most troublesome thing every day. Oneself also did a few years individual stationmaster, share individual experience to everybody. read more

is the hero of the story is to use their computer expertise from business success. The station master is also worth seeing.

walks into a Digital Plaza in the northeast corner of Shanghai, where hundreds of IT stores don’t know which one to choose.

in such a competitive market, there is a store to help people assemble computers and solve all kinds of computer problems as the main business, and has been growing in recent years. Wang founder of the shop, just two years ago from a university graduate students looking for a job to run around here and there busy, still read in Wang senior decided to own a business. read more

09 years I had a crush on PSP, so I made a PSP professional website, this article is written by in the process of the heart, then I straightened out the appropriate reference for everyone to write, don’t scold me, I was the top write to me power: < / p>

1.2 days after the website is released, second days PR updated, still did not catch up. We’ll have to wait for the next update. In the three months after the exchange connection compared with a negative three days after Google included ten pages, Yahoo included sixty pages, yodao also included, but the lack of Baidu I wonder whether Baidu love put all the pages are then climbed out. read more

today is April 3rd, the morning of Beijing, the weather is good, the wind is not large, the sun is lazily shining, in the early cold early spring when people feel a ray of warmth. I went to bed at 9 last night. I thought I had a holiday today. I was in a good mood.

at this time I did not know a thing has happened, almost ruined Shuangcai network 4 years painstaking achievement, almost ruined us a hard team operation, promotion and maintenance of all fruit, almost to the site of accumulated hard people, even destroy the reputation. Yes, everything is "almost", because our final result is good, not let the criminals to succeed, Shuangcai network also timely recovery normal operation. read more

when you develop a product, you must perform good performance tests. Including interface testing and functional testing. The performance test is directly related to the quality of the product and the popularity after its introduction.

navigation chaos

‘s confusing navigation design often leaves the viewer confused and lost. Therefore, you must have a good plan for the overall architecture of your website. For example: at the top of each page of the style of a unified navigation bar, the bottom of the general placement of company information and copyright text. For sites with complex content, you can provide a site map that explicitly tells the viewer the classification and use of the information on the site. Of course, you also have to provide a keyword search engine on your web site, which allows users to find the information they’re interested in at the least amount of time. read more