during the festive season, especially hot couples dress dresses, so how to grasp the good opportunity, seize the opportunity to earn the cost of the Spring Festival, sweet love planning departments, and a number of senior sales service for all weapon, we summarize several marketing strategies, especially useful.

one: Through Train + spike special promotions

love to engage in special offer seckill activities of friends, in this Christmas and New Year Festival Eve will not be missed, set 5-10 (special offer seckill limit discounts, discounted at the same time can be set 20 5-10 seckill products, reduce the discount, other styles can also be appropriate discount), and set the recommended window, shop your flow will have a sales volume increase, it depends on the skills, there may be children of wholesale orders Oh, children on Christmas Day special units to engage in activities. read more

recently, in China micro business integrity and the integrity of the swearing in ceremony brand news conference, ten year old founder Wu Qiao bin, Si Bu Group Chairman Wu Zhaoguo and other ten major brands have "micro leader integrity micro business platform, announced in May 19th will be officially opened the prelude to Chinese micro business integrity swearing in Guangzhou. According to the meeting to disclose the data, after a year of brutal growth, micro business practitioners surged from 10 million to 20 million, the quality of employees short-term surge uneven in quality, in the face of external challenge, derivative of the whole industry is facing a huge crisis of faith. The swearing in ceremony at the great in strength and impetus of "fake" and "security" and "no rights" and the derivative of chaos, the walls of the people waving the banner of good faith to solve the "growing pains". read more

‘s first venture capital investment in Taobao shop flower fall Shenzhen. Reporters learned yesterday, a Taobao in the name of Fontbleau shop opened in Shenzhen on the beginning of nearly ten million yuan venture capital!


is located in Shenzhen Shekou shop was established in June this year, the registered capital of 1 million 600 thousand, for 25 ~ 35 years old women in the office has created a means full of French women’s brand Fontbleau. Relevant responsible person told the reporter shop, the shop with different customer and other self sales platform of the company, they are ready to go the other way: first from the homemade clothing brand started, sales by Taobao and pat shop, and plans to build its own brand of women’s franchise launched online shopping mall – net stunner in 1 years. read more

crazy Jingdong 618 coming! Jingdong 618 quality Carnival big promotion has lasted for half a month, from the beginning of June 17th, the Jingdong of audio books will launch a new round of big promotion activities, people love reading and music together with Jingdong crazy! 17 days to 20 days, the Jingdong owned audio books hundreds of thousands of varieties of each category introduced a full 150 yuan minus 50 yuan, is not capped; at the same time limit launch of three kinds of intensity self book audience can use coupons; two kinds of promotion overlay, maximum discount up over 300 yuan by 200 yuan. read more

The latest

company published an article is not much, because has been focused on their own foreign trade website traffic analysis, there are many foreign friends first must think of a foreign trade website, high flow and stable IP can bring many orders to their own, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, flow, the ranking is good, not necessarily independent IP site volume is good, perhaps one day not a single, on the contrary, a lot of foreign independent website, a day thirty several IP, but basically can also Laishijiershi orders, the conversion rate is quite amazing, so easy to see too many examples the. read more

April 8th news, China’s largest e-commerce professional marketing platform of Taobao alliance officially announced, through the daily trading volume has exceeded 36 million, up to 3 million 500 thousand partners. It is expected that in 2011, the daily trading volume generated by the Taobao alliance will reach 100 million, and its partners will be divided into the daily average of 8 million.

relies on Asia’s largest retail taobao.com, established in April 8, 2010, Taobao union within a year has been sitting on about 500000 active Taobao customers, 800 thousand advertisers, 240 million promotional merchandise, daily coverage reached 2 billion PV. It is worth noting that Taobao union day into amount from before the 800 thousand consecutive 4 times doubled, reaching 3 million 500 thousand / day, and the increasing strong momentum of development, worthy of the largest professional e-commerce marketing platform. Our goal this year is to develop 1 million 200 thousand advertisers, the accumulation of 300 million commodities, to achieve an average of 5 billion PV coverage." Taobao union head Wang Weiyi said. read more

in recent years, many traditional furniture companies have OCS, as the leading brand Chinese Kinhom furniture, since 2012 the official test water and electricity since, always maintain the pace of development while maintaining stability in the fierce competition in the market. Recently, the hippocampus Mall (www.kinhom.com) new revision, in addition to enriching the product, enhance the experience, interaction and service of the mall, the outbreak of the brand strength, to build China’s first professional furniture online shopping platform. read more

with jumei.com in May 16th to ring the bell in New York, Chinese continued into electricity supplier market, market focused attention. The same is the electricity supplier companies, Dangdang market capitalization of only more than 900 million, and then show vip.com’s market capitalization of up to $8 billion 200 million, the highest exceeded the market value of ten billion mark, once became China’s top fourth Internet companies. What is the reason? GF Securities (000776, shares) also gives jumei.com’s market capitalization of $5 billion valuation. What is the reason for the size of only half of vip.com to jumei.com, but it got 60% of the market value in the end? China flash taker boss who is read more

do not know whether their peers understand, the world in the end what is the quality of the B2B platform. A high-quality network marketing platform logo, it applies to all walks of life in the world have the strength of manufacturers. Based on the standard marks on the collection and analysis of global professional buyers on the views of customization, so reflect professional buyers purchasing habits and the selection of high quality manufacturer evaluation criteria, including the buyers are most concerned about whether the real manufacturer, the ability to produce quality products, plant size, appearance and experience of professional team, product development capability, social responsibility, reputation / goodwill and past experience OEM/ODM reflect the overall strength of the standard. read more

"Wall Street daily" network edition and Bloomberg recently wrote that, along with the Chinese City e-commerce market saturation, Alibaba and Jingdong of the two major electricity supplier giants began to turn their attention to the rural market, hopes to open up the market to achieve its business continued to grow. The article also pointed out that the two companies in recent years both invested heavily in the layout of the rural market, and gradually improve the logistics network and related infrastructure, while leveraging the national policy, the purchasing power to attract increasingly powerful rural consumer groups. read more

Geneva newspaper reporter Chen Jian reported: the United Nations Conference on Trade and development (UNCTAD) on 2015 before the release of "information economy report" said, 130 in the global economy, small European economies in the business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce field is the most developed economies in rapid development to catch up, China has actually become the world’s largest "business to consumer e-commerce market.

according to the latest annual report, "business to consumer e-commerce economy index ranked the top 10 are Luxemburg, Norway, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, South Korea, Britain and israel. In developing and emerging economies, in front of the row in East Asia, including South Korea and Singapore, especially Chinese, in fact has become the world’s largest business to consumer e-commerce market. At the same time, in terms of the actual Internet purchase rate, Brazil, China and Russia this year’s performance was better than expected. read more

just in the first quarter of 2015, the major Internet giants Baidu Tencent will have released their own Q1 earnings in 2015. Recently, the NetEase announced Q1 earnings: NetEase in the first quarter of this year the total revenue of 3 billion 885 million yuan, an increase of 54.2%, revenue continued to maintain rapid growth, total record; first quarter net profit of 1 billion 264 million yuan ($204 million), an increase of 12.5%. Deutsche Bank in May 8th will be the NetEase’s stock rating from hold up to buy, while the target price of $110 from $33.5% to $146.8. read more

it is reported that Jingdong train ticket purchasing business recently re launched. This is also following Ctrip, and a train ticket to buy Internet Co.

in April last year, less than a month on the line of Jingdong train ticket purchasing business suspended, Jingdong is due to the suspension of the success rate is low. At that time, the Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Railways in the 12306 official website announced that 1236 is the only professional website sales China train tickets, the railway sector has not authorized or entrusted to any other sites for train tickets on sale or purchasing business". Domestic internet purchasing channels facing the risk of violation. read more

remember Mr. Ma in Guangdong network communication meeting said that "in recent days of e-commerce has just started, the next 5 to 10 years will be the real e-commerce era, today’s Internet, we have deeply felt the smell of smoke of strong electronic commerce, and more or less from TV and newspapers on the electronic have some understanding of business war. Electronic commerce has begun to change our way of life, a few years ago people are buying things in the shopping malls, supermarkets, shops nearby, rarely buy things from the Internet, now let’s look at our lives are directly obtained through the network, this is the charm of e-commerce read more

Hongkong’s group buying site may wish yesterday was April Fool’s day, rather than the smell of gunpowder children’s day.

June 1st, YAHOO Hongkong announced the launch of the Yahoo in the Hongkong area, buy service, becoming the first in Hong Kong to buy from the market to buy a number of websites to buy the content of the integrated service website.

it is reported that the Hongkong market has 45 group purchase website, YAHOO Hongkong has three of them at this stage and to establish relations of cooperation, including BeeCrazy, Couppie and FunShare have bee buy. Liu Zhanquan, director of e-commerce in Hongkong, told reporters on the same day, YAHOO is responsible for providing the platform at this stage in Hongkong, issued by the audit of its preferential information, and to share revenue with partners. read more