was a promising entrepreneurial star, because of greed and violate the law cordon, illegal fund-raising nearly 4 billion, Liu Kesheng of Anhui has now become the first prisoners.

from the fund-raising fraud, loan fraud to contract fraud, also suspected embezzlement and bribery, Anhui Province, Tongcheng City Chamber of Commerce President Liu Kesheng carefully the fictional "business empire" is just the original flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Recently, the Anhui provincial procuratorate official micro-blog news release, Anqing Municipal People’s Procuratorate of the province has Liu Kesheng suspected fraud, embezzlement, bribery and other crimes prosecution case, Liu Kesheng’s sister Liu Zhen was indicted for alleged financial fraud, loan fraud crime case two. read more

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recently, the thunder millet acquisition rumors, thunder CEO Zou Shenglong released "Buyout Offer Coming? – Ah?", the title looks very adorable, not only that, the old Zou also often use color text sell adorable.

as an important means of marketing, micro-blog will undoubtedly become the Internet bigwigs public relations marketing a hotly contested spot, not only the old Zou love to sell adorable Rebs and Zhou, I am also well versed in various kinds of marketing channel, today for everyone to take stock of science and technology circle bigwigs in different style of micro-blog marketing. read more

December 18th morning news, domain name registration policy adjustment after a week began to show. Data show that business users for the service provider domain name registered an increase of 40%, while the number of service providers for individual users registered volume fell by 70%. It is worth noting that both sides are optimistic about the future of the domain name industry.

December 10-11 two days, CNNIC continuous introduction of measures to further standardize the management of CN domain name registration, and the violation of the domain name registration service agencies and registration agencies were processed. Now the distance has been rectification last week, the impact of the new policy has emerged, which makes the domain registrar in different Rainbow Night. read more

recently released report on the current situation of "North dragon net domain name service and security Chinese". The report shows that 57% of the key domain name resolution services in a state of risk, only about 11% of the DNS Security level is good. Through the analysis of the security of the domain name of the industry statistics, the educational institutions of the domain name service system security is the worst, more than 80% of the domain name resolution service is in a state of risk. read more

recently, sources claimed that WeChat will launch the membership system, including the benefit limit exceeded 5000, the circle of friends of friends decoration style and so on, all the line to QQ. The news immediately caused heated debate, there are users Tucao said, circle of friends this is to become a second QQ space?

said that some employees of Tencent has been in the online game WeChat membership, with annual membership, membership quarter points, specific costs and detailed function is unclear. read more

now is the era of the Internet, all walks of life are more and more attention to the field of Internet, the Internet and traditional industries are also penetration and fusion, as a kind of training industry, we also keep pace, strive for mining more valuable customers from the Internet, but the site is not in the process of promoting the Everything is going smoothly. has encountered many. The problem, but after the recent development, all are moving in the direction of the smooth, today used to share with you, hope you have a harvest. read more

I have several years of company management, in recent years in the staff will soon hundreds, the strange thing is that I called for those dedicated very dedicated with our words usually not something people no impression what impressed me most is that the whole work instead of jumping up and down several colleagues.

What is the reason for

, which is related to our topic today".

life there are a lot of "event marketing" example, the simplest one thing if Laden does not create 911 events estimated that no one can remember him. read more

static page shortcoming is the maintenance management and interactive function of the restrictions, the stability advantages of static web pages is information content, the search engine on the Internet provides a convenient information index page. The construction site using the static web form just helps the search engine index information, but does not mean that as long as the static pages must be indexed by search engines, and the dynamic web page will not be included in search engines.

often have a reader asked me, in the search engine optimization methods, always emphasize static pages for search engine optimization of the importance, then the static pages of the advantages and disadvantages of what? Why many web sites use dynamic web page love? What are the advantages and disadvantages of dynamic web page? Static web pages and how to achieve it? There are many the problem and so on, because these problems belong to the general website construction based on knowledge, but also some common problems, the individual will be more attention to the network marketing method, and the network marketing strategy of higher level research, seldom on these issues is described in detail. read more

only need a genuine and sincere mail can let you send mail, QQ mail,

mail receiving convenient!

mail should introduce your website, highlight the individual advantage, sincere, of course you can praise each other website, don’t forget to do a link to each other.


dear manager, Hello!

I am a chat network (http://s.liaoying.com) administrator, I am very pleased to be able to express this e-mail to you I want to communicate with you the intention of the site links.

chat video network introduction: Online provides TV watching, after six months of development, at present, about 300 thousand of PV! PR value is still only 3, but has been looking for high quality links, the next Google update has a higher value of PR will also Baidu! To everyday update! Access address: http://s.liaoying.com (3w) read more

lead: if you are following your business, with most people’s mode of thinking about how to subvert the


there is a phenomenon in China, prone to do things like a swarm of bees. For example, now keen to start, there is the business. Mobile Internet fire, they do APP; O2O is popular, prying into O2O mode; Internet plus or + Internet pop, is desperately Internet plus or + Internet, create a false prosperity and excessive competition situation, many people do not fully combine their own situation, also do not think there is no need to do with non Association these hot, people seem very worried, miss this trend and boom, the times will be left behind to go. The underlying reason behind this phenomenon is that most people lack the ability to think independently, driven by the inertia of thinking, can not jump into the bar. read more

consumer electronics show in Las Vegas this year (CES), when the middle screen I wander in the rows of the maze – they are the world’s most wide and flat, the clearest and brightest and most new, only flashed in my brain thought is really VR easy to face maoyou. In this huge science and technology exhibition, I was eager to try the latest VR products. Although the VR technology has long been blown miraculous, that for most people, it is still a novelty. But after I played every VR helmet, the first feeling is eager to use liquid soap to wash your face. read more

hospital marketing mode is various and complicated, to the hospital to get recognized by the industry in a short period of time, improve the popularity of the hospital, so the hospital must do a good job in advertising for effective integration, how to effectively integrate? This has become the focus of attention of many hospital marketing, the author here through the data comparative analysis about finishing experience, you want to help colleagues, if not, also at that time, at the same time, timely and effective that the error, to facilitate timely correction. read more

double 11 although more than half of the past, but for the vertical electricity supplier who said, then more embarrassing, because at this moment, they are more in the clear inventory.

interestingly, in the past, mainly to clear inventory is defined function of online channels under the line of traditional brands just contact network, vertical electric providers have been able to develop rapidly in the short term, because the more "user experience" on the very place. How to control the cost and improve the efficiency of the supply chain to control the cost, etc.. read more