as a wholesale website especially domestic wholesale website success, in addition to the price advantage, web service and details also determines the key success of the site, so the site operators must deal with the issue of these details. So what are the main factors affecting the success or failure of the site?

1, supporting services to improve

guestbook, website announcement to contact us these places are wholesalers to communicate with customers, if a website is often concerned about the user, where there is definitely a new content, even there are many websites will take delivery. Write for customer inquiries on the notice board. As Chinese bags are the biggest bag wholesale site — in the packet network almost every day can receive customers online message, the site also opened 400 free calls every day received hundreds of calls, in the packet network service also do a careful answer to each message and call for each customer are satisfied answer. read more

in recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce and gradually mature situation, the traditional enterprises have begun to set foot in the field of electronic commerce, such as food, medicine, animal husbandry, industry, equipment, machinery, household appliances, drinks and dress, these enterprises are with the development of the Internet and business trend, and continue to change the original sales channels and marketing mode. So, these traditional companies in the apparel industry, the performance is very obvious, especially in the Jingdong, Taobao, Tmall, dream bazaar, Eslite and other online shopping platform driven by more and more enterprises have started clothing brand "electric shock net", and through the business model to marketing. read more