it is reported that Jingdong train ticket purchasing business recently re launched. This is also following Ctrip, and a train ticket to buy Internet Co.

in April last year, less than a month on the line of Jingdong train ticket purchasing business suspended, Jingdong is due to the suspension of the success rate is low. At that time, the Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Railways in the 12306 official website announced that 1236 is the only professional website sales China train tickets, the railway sector has not authorized or entrusted to any other sites for train tickets on sale or purchasing business". Domestic internet purchasing channels facing the risk of violation. read more

remember Mr. Ma in Guangdong network communication meeting said that "in recent days of e-commerce has just started, the next 5 to 10 years will be the real e-commerce era, today’s Internet, we have deeply felt the smell of smoke of strong electronic commerce, and more or less from TV and newspapers on the electronic have some understanding of business war. Electronic commerce has begun to change our way of life, a few years ago people are buying things in the shopping malls, supermarkets, shops nearby, rarely buy things from the Internet, now let’s look at our lives are directly obtained through the network, this is the charm of e-commerce read more

Hongkong’s group buying site may wish yesterday was April Fool’s day, rather than the smell of gunpowder children’s day.

June 1st, YAHOO Hongkong announced the launch of the Yahoo in the Hongkong area, buy service, becoming the first in Hong Kong to buy from the market to buy a number of websites to buy the content of the integrated service website.

it is reported that the Hongkong market has 45 group purchase website, YAHOO Hongkong has three of them at this stage and to establish relations of cooperation, including BeeCrazy, Couppie and FunShare have bee buy. Liu Zhanquan, director of e-commerce in Hongkong, told reporters on the same day, YAHOO is responsible for providing the platform at this stage in Hongkong, issued by the audit of its preferential information, and to share revenue with partners. read more

an announcement yesterday, fast and easy net release, Alipay proposed party and not to renew the contract expires, thus the two sides will terminate the payment of cooperation. Yi Xun network said on Alipay’s decision expressed regret and respect. But Alipay did not give a response. This means that users can use Alipay fast and easy online shopping.

according to the easy fast network announcement, since at 18:38 on March 28, 2014, users will not be able to through the Alipay account to log on the website; since at 00:00 on March 31, 2014, users will not be able to through the Alipay site end payment orders; since at 00:00 on April 8, 2014, users will not be able to through the Alipay mobile phone payment terminal orders. read more

July 7th, micro-blog released a micro business strategy in Beijing, announced the launch of micro-blog windows products, combined with ALI, micro sell partners and three party, to build interest oriented mobile social electricity supplier system. In the future, the vertical field of about 20000000 people can use micro-blog micro-blog publisher recommended products to achieve efficient connection between goods and consumers.

It is reported that in the

, micro-blog micro-blog windows products officially launched after the release of the interface will add goods entrance at micro-blog, micro-blog released by micro-blog Master can directly publish their recommended products, and add the recommended reason, stock and commodity links and other information, the user can in micro-blog or the collection of goods into the shopping cart, also can through the middle page buy without the need to jump to other applications. It is understood that the current commodity links must come from Tmall, Taobao and other key partners to sell third parties. read more

B2B I focus on websites is not too early, only pay attention to it in 2007, but also because of Ma, Li Lei, Zhang Zhaoyang etc. we have come to Zhejiang Jinhua city to participate in the network forum meeting, listen to the speech report really care about it.

yes, Web2.0 era of HTML like, on the human like, for the convenience of a simple comparison, this is the most acceptable and most favorite Internet users. Since the convenience of the network created Ma Yun’s Taobao and B2B, then I heard its report after the start of their own writing a B2B. Unfortunately, I had spent a month to write out a ASP+ACC database, I am free online after about half a reaction ACC database over 500M response speed is not as fast empty library. Yes, this point in the development of that, but I was not installed on the computer MSSQL so I think, can use php+mysql to develop? But I don’t know about PHP, do not understand the instructions on the MySQL database, no way to work, the time course of learning new stuff not much, had been lost in the side. read more

[Abstract] a wide range of sources of milk powder, brand miscellaneous, cross-border electricity supplier fragmentation, to bring great challenges to the regulation.

sparked a thousand waves, the recent fake milk powder case of the whole milk powder industry, due to the health problems related to infants and young children, from the government, associations and enterprises, such as various levels have been declared". Abbott and Beingmate has released a statement to clarify, only in the formal channels of purchase of infant formula milk powder is genuine, in April 6th, the State Food Safety Office also held an emergency press conference informed the matter. read more

Taobao search engine search net exposure

September 25th news, following the recent adjustment of search rules, Taobao search engine search engine today. According to micro-blog users broke the news, Taobao will be launched in the near future, the whole network search engine a Amoy network (, focusing on product search.

it is understood that the Amoy network is still in the beta stage, the outside world can not access. But the spread of the Internet from the screenshot, a scouring network search function mainly includes comprehensive, commodity, and "Amoy bar 4 categories, similar to" use Baidu Search ", Taobao is also to their search button up a nice name" Amoy ". read more

sina science and technology news on November 3rd evening news, Jingdong today said that it has recently received business information, reflecting the Alibaba group in the double eleven promotional activities in the coercion of businesses, the two election". This behavior has hindered the normal market competition, but also seriously damaged the interests of consumers, Jingdong has reported to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the real name Alibaba group to disrupt the order of e-commerce market. (skyline) read more

as a wholesale website especially domestic wholesale website success, in addition to the price advantage, web service and details also determines the key success of the site, so the site operators must deal with the issue of these details. So what are the main factors affecting the success or failure of the site?

1, supporting services to improve

guestbook, website announcement to contact us these places are wholesalers to communicate with customers, if a website is often concerned about the user, where there is definitely a new content, even there are many websites will take delivery. Write for customer inquiries on the notice board. As Chinese bags are the biggest bag wholesale site — in the packet network almost every day can receive customers online message, the site also opened 400 free calls every day received hundreds of calls, in the packet network service also do a careful answer to each message and call for each customer are satisfied answer. read more

in recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce and gradually mature situation, the traditional enterprises have begun to set foot in the field of electronic commerce, such as food, medicine, animal husbandry, industry, equipment, machinery, household appliances, drinks and dress, these enterprises are with the development of the Internet and business trend, and continue to change the original sales channels and marketing mode. So, these traditional companies in the apparel industry, the performance is very obvious, especially in the Jingdong, Taobao, Tmall, dream bazaar, Eslite and other online shopping platform driven by more and more enterprises have started clothing brand "electric shock net", and through the business model to marketing. read more