double 11 although more than half of the past, but for the vertical electricity supplier who said, then more embarrassing, because at this moment, they are more in the clear inventory.

interestingly, in the past, mainly to clear inventory is defined function of online channels under the line of traditional brands just contact network, vertical electric providers have been able to develop rapidly in the short term, because the more "user experience" on the very place. How to control the cost and improve the efficiency of the supply chain to control the cost, etc.. read more

              a few years ago, a large number of Web site users to apply for free two level domain name, to their own personal home page, a small site for personalized web site. But a few years later, the original free two class domain name service website is off, turn the item. Free is a good thing, but free to influence small webmaster has been that the publicity and promotion of the original hard to vanish like soap bubbles, all the others to do the wedding.
              in recent years, the prices are popular in the domain name registration, a ".COM" domain name ".CN" be not at all surprising, one yuan a year to China small webmaster addicted. But a dollar, you have to pay, not to mention the domain name is not a good record. Colleagues said: if you want to register a.CN domain name, with your fingers to the keyboard to knock two plus a.CN, are registered…… Hey, this time can also understand the meaning of China’s population.
              following the introduction of a personality top-level domain name, but free ah……. Now I want to register for a free two level domain compatriots can first stop, look at my article and then decide your actions:
              I apply for the /> :
              well, we started to apply for free Tokelau (.TK):
  application website:             open the home page, click on the "Web Domain" button, fill in you want to apply for a web site; (figure, I fill in the "0435") read more

This paper is mainly to the

website monthly income below 1000 of the webmaster see, my personal experience does not necessarily help you much, welcome to communicate, share with you.

1 focus on user experience, increase PV

is also the site of 1000IP, generally do 10 thousand PV more than twice the money earned by 2000PV. There are many ways to increase the PV (in fact, the most critical thing is to let users like your site), say a few of my methods:

in an article mentioned in the station on another related article, and attached links. Although there are many sites in the article page shows the relevant articles, but the effect is far less than the articles mentioned in the text. For example, in a ADMIN5 article about SEO, mentioned how to build a 10 thousand IP within a month, and attached links, and this link is still in the article, click rate is quite high. read more

August 15th, provoked by Jingdong mall, Gome and Suning Appliance price war started. Around a lot of friends said that the Gome and Suning electricity supplier made fat. Jingdong as the leader of the domestic B2C, Gome and Suning this kind of electricity supplier rookie war, it is to give the face of the Soviet union. Yes, a subsidiary of Gome, Gome and Suning’s Kuba, is the electricity supplier rookie. However, they are under the line field channel Lawrence, Jingdong than country Su is also a rookie. read more

in the sharing of the economic market environment, the traditional industry and the retail industry will face a new revolution, O2O as an old model to the electricity supplier to instill new blood. How to do a good job in the electricity supplier O2O electricity supplier practitioners to discuss the most problems. The key point is to break through the electricity supplier O2O mobile payment, user experience and traffic conversion rate, etc..

first point: to integrate online and offline

for the current electricity supplier industry, the user experience is the key point of the development of the electricity supplier O2O line, the user experience is not high under the line, then directly declared that you failed. So now more and more people begin to improve the line experience, like the furniture store experience, Taobao launched line flagship stores, shops and even shop under the banner of the shop even discounted net, however, the situation is still not No one shows any interest in. read more


domain name registration agency cost and 55 yuan / year / month, 620 special offer agent 120 space 150m nets.
more please login: /domain.htm< br />< br /> CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

text / ROM super

following PC, mobile phones, tablet and home appliances, the next space in the invasion of the Internet?.

Google and Tesla are trying to change the inherent ecosystem of the automotive industry. A use of artificial intelligence and big data technology to try to achieve autopilot; a use of the Internet to reconstruct the thinking of the automotive production system, in order to counter traditional thinking to create a pure electric vehicle. But today, the unmanned Google system is still in the experimental stage, it will cross the distance commercial facilities, policies and regulations and barriers, Tesla’s sales are still in the stage of twenty thousand or thirty thousand years, to join the club to sales across the numerous hills and streams. read more

has been on the Taobao website for two months now. Also slowly have some income, my mood is also from the beginning of the dry to calm now: the following is my experience of this time, to share with you:

first from the promotion of choice of products:

A. to choose reputable businesses, it is best to have Taobao mall. Products have a good beer. Because the ultimate goal is to produce Taobao consumer behavior. There is no customer base or reputation basis, it is difficult to promote it, and large brand businesses tend to have a broad mass base, for their own recognition of the brand users tend to be more willing to buy. read more

familiar with online shopping friends all know that some time ago the 6.18 anniversary of the Jingdong, held the 6.18 anniversary activities is in the field of electronic business was a huge success. Not only the field of 3C appliances across the board itself, but also the traffic support books, clothing and other products line. Perhaps the next 6.18 days, do not promote Jingdong, I believe that the love of online shopping friends can not help but to browse the official purchase of Jingdong. Because this 6.18 has been left behind in the hearts of consumers the meaning of a holiday, an electronic business platform to benefit consumers of the grand festival. read more

24 coupons eventually fell, some say 24 stamp down filled with many accidental factors, but I want to say is all chance events behind must have its inevitable push factors, history has always been so


remember I wrote an article written in the "24" before the ticket falls in the last year, when 24 vouchers mentioned some problems exist, I think Chinese and group purchase website fading process cause of the failure is nothing more than this, and I can be summed up in one word: group purchase hot, and then rush on like a swarm of hornets. Because of the limited market capacity of the start price war, stop burning, and then diluted to attract investors founder shares, investors eventually was kidnapped, then investors do not want to continue to invest, the site difficult to continue, finally went bankrupt. read more

Hello everyone, I am grassroots brother, today we talk about ideas. All of you are the same as the grassroots brother for Internet entrepreneurs, in order to pursue our dreams and struggling in the Internet, but never give up our initial dream. But the same as grassroots entrepreneurs, but we are in the field of subdivision, thinking and entrepreneurial philosophy has a great difference, the difference is very obvious, what makes us go on a different road?

grassroots brother has a brother, is in high school to get to know, at that time, we have a very strong interest in the internet. In the ready to age, we all want to make a pot of gold in the Internet, in order to achieve their own value, with the words now entrepreneurship. Long term concern cool shoes must have roots heard this story, but once again repeat this grassroots brother. read more

staged the Internet drama tells people, the Internet industry is a money losing industry. Especially this year, the Internet Co is burning war turns staged, you Changba me play, very lively. After the last drops and quick taxi subsidies to burn 2 billion 400 million this year, and one car, Uber, easy to car, driving on behalf of E joined, battle burn mingle. The room O 2O, between enterprises, hungry takeaway network, the U.S. group, rice, public comments and other war is more intense.

According to reports from the read more

China today, e-commerce has become a hot spot. Now there are a lot of companies or individuals are among e-commerce, to establish a variety of B2C or C2C shop. As the first free B2C independent online shop platform, my shop has become a lot of companies and individuals to start the journey of B2C. In order to repay the majority of members of the "my shop" has long been the concern and support. "I shop" held the Amoy wdwd activities in October, the Amoy members participate in wdwd activities will have the opportunity to get "my shop" to provide 100 yuan or the equivalent Mobile Recharge Card q-coins. read more

Tencent Francisco November 11th morning, the Jingdong announced the latest dual 11 transcripts. Jingdong data show that only 29 seconds, the amount of a single Jingdong broke the 2010 double day record of 11, followed by 3 minutes and 37 seconds, 15 minutes, 1 hours and 13 minutes, respectively, to break through the 2011 to 2013 double day record.

at 0:12 on November 11th 49 seconds, Ms. Lee received in Shanghai, just bought from Jingdong PHILPS 4K TV, which is this year’s Jingdong double the first order of the distribution of the Jiading District. From the order to the receipt, with only 12 minutes and 31 seconds. read more

NetEase Francisco November 23rd message, according to foreign media reports, the start-up companies need to do in the presentation presentation to potential investors, not false performance, to provide real data; expected to answer investors may question; the contents of the slide to sort out a clear structure, according to the chronological order; by talking attitude, and not only hard statements or presentations.

don’t false performance. Although the company statement exaggerated performance, perhaps can easily attract potential investors and media attention, but the false data fraud not want to cooperate and experienced investors. read more

news May 23rd, Tmall announced the supermarket operation ability, localization extended from the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen Hangzhou five to 11 national key city. In the future, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Tianjin, Suzhou, Nanjing consumers can enjoy rich commodity and day, Tmall supermarket next day service.

into the 11 city

Tmall today announced that it will be localized operating capacity from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou five cities, expanded to the city of 11. At the same time, rookie network warehouse distribution system has also been upgraded, from the previous 8 sub positions to upgrade to the 11 sub warehouse. In the future, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Tianjin, Suzhou, Nanjing consumers can also enjoy the super quality products and intimate services. read more