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Defence minister says Canada will extend Indian Ocean commitment to 2021

first_imgOTTAWA – Canada will extend its commitment to maritime security in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean with ships and personnel for another four years, says Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan.He says Operation Artemis, the latest incarnation of Canada’s contribution to a multinational security force in the area, will be extended until the end of April 2021.The international task force deploys ships and surveillance systems to intercept shipments of weapons and narcotics in the region.Sajjan said the extension authorizes the Canadian Armed Forces to commit up to 375 personnel to the operation, send in a frigate once every two years and contribute an Aurora patrol plane once a year.Canada will earmark up to $131.4 million to support the extension.He says Canada has supported security in the area since 2001 under a number of operations and Canada just completed its third rotation in command of the maritime security task force.In the last year, this task force seized and destroyed nearly 2,700 kilograms of narcotics and more than 3,000 weapons.“The government of Canada’s renewed commitment to counter-terrorism efforts is vital to building a safer and more prosperous world,” Sajjan said in a statement.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. A headline on an earlier version included an incorrect year.last_img read more

Barrier at Torontos Bloor Viaduct significantly reduced suicidesstudy

first_imgTORONTO – A new study suggests a barrier erected on a Toronto overpass that was once the second-most frequented bridge for suicides in North America is serving its purpose.The study from Sunnybrook Hospital, published in the journal BMJ Open on Tuesday, compares the 11-year periods before and after the barrier went up on the city’s Bloor Street Viaduct.Researchers say an average of nine people a year had been dying by jumping from the bridge before 2003, placing it behind only San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge for suicides-by-jumping.Since the barrier was put in place, however, the study found only one person has died by suicide at the site, a 485-metre overpass that spans a multi-lane highway, ravine and another major roadway.A previous report that examined data up to 2007 suggested suicide traffic had relocated to other nearby bridges, but the latest research suggests suicide rates across the city dropped over the long term after the barrier went up.One of the study’s authors says the latest data is in line with other international research suggesting that barriers in key locations are effective.“The barrier did have its intended effect,” study co-author Dr. Mark Sinyor of Sunnybrook said in a telephone interview. “There was a decrease in deaths by jumping from bridges in Toronto by roughly the same number as the number that had previously been dying at the Bloor Viaduct, without an increase by other methods or locations.”Sinyor said similar research has found the number of suicides-by-jumping at dozens of other sites with barriers in place have decreased noticeably.At Edmonton’s High Level Bridge, for example, city statistics indicate the number of both suicides and general mental health calls was cut in half a year after barriers were installed in 2015.Sinyor said the Bloor Viaduct was previously viewed as an outlier in the mental health community because of the results of the previous study. That report documented a sharp decline in the number of deaths at the bridge itself, but also tracked a spike in suicides at other locations.Researchers now attribute that finding to heavy media coverage in local print news outlets of deaths at the Bloor Viaduct and the debate as to whether or not the barrier was worthwhile. Sinyor said the connection was implied due to a slight increase in the number of general suicides within days or months of such coverage.Over time, though, he said that effect has diminished. Suicide rates across the city have fallen due to a number of factors including the barrier, he said, crediting increased mental health supports, more open discussion surrounding stigma and heightened media sensitivity to such issues for a sharp decrease in recent years.Average annual suicides in Toronto fell from 257 in the 11 years before 2003, to 234 in the 11 years after, according to the study.Sinyor said those numbers highlight the need for a wide complement of suicide prevention measures, a view shared by Mark Henick of the Canadian Mental Health Association.He called for a national suicide prevention strategy as well as ongoing support for mental-health care.He said the effectiveness of bridge barriers can even be enhanced by posting signs directing vulnerable people toward key resources and messages emphasizing that help is available.“Suicide is preventable,” Henick said. “When people get the help that they need, recovery is not only possible from mental health problems, it’s likely.”last_img read more

Five Eyes stress sharing information to battle relentless terrorist plots

first_imgOTTAWA – Security and justice officials from the Five Eyes countries plan to explore “more timely and detailed” information sharing to detect terrorists and extremist fighters.Daesh and its affiliates will continue to attack soft targets in public spaces — underscoring a need for better data exchanges to address the threat, the partners said in a joint communique issued Wednesday.Attorneys general and ministers for public security and immigration from Canada, the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand gathered in Ottawa this week for two days of closed-door talks.“Throughout these discussions, we affirmed that building public trust within our countries is required to move forward on national security issues,” the communique said. “Enhanced safeguards and greater efforts to promote transparency are critical in this respect.”The sessions followed a rash of deadly attacks in Britain that highlighted the international alliance’s concerns about the threat of homegrown extremism and the backlash it can provoke.The meetings also came as police in Ottawa busily stepped up security measures in anticipation of tens of thousands of people gathering Saturday on Parliament Hill to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.Although there’s a need to be attentive and vigilant, Canadians can have confidence in their government, police and security agencies, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday.“Every year, we step up around Canada Day to ensure that everything is done to keep Canadians safe.”In order to help prevent “sophisticated and relentless plots,” the five countries affirmed the importance of sharing information among partners on known criminal and terrorist actors, the alliance communique said.Security officials are worried about the widespread availability of encryption tools and applications that can allow extremists to more easily communicate without their phone calls and texts being intercepted.Civil libertarians argue the right of law-abiding people to converse in private should not be compromised in the name of fighting terrorism by giving authorities the means to crack encryption or build back doors into security programs.In a statement Sunday, Australian Attorney General George Brandis said his country planned to lead a discussion at the meetings on the terrorist use of cyberspace.In its Wednesday communique, the alliance said the ability of terrorists and other criminals to shield their electronic activities through encryption can “severely undermine public safety efforts by impeding lawful access to the content of communications.”They agreed to a common approach to engaging with communication service providers to deal with online terrorist activities and propaganda, while “upholding cybersecurity and individual rights and freedoms.”The countries also committed to support a new industry forum led by Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter.In addition, they plan to:— Look at the role of traditional and social media and community voices in fostering — or discouraging — the radicalization of young people;— Share ideas on handling the threat posed by terrorist fighters who return from conflicts abroad;— Explore the possibility of joint operations to better tackle human trafficking and modern slavery.— Follow @JimBronskill on Twitterlast_img read more

Equifax data breach likely touched millions of Canadians

first_imgIt’s usually the site that helps protect those who suspect they’ve been the victim of identity theft, but Equifax says it’s now the victim of a cyber security incident, where hundreds of millions of people around the world may have been exposed.“This is the biggest we’ve ever seen in terms of the depth of the data that was taken,” said Daniel Tobok, cyber security expert and CEO with Cytelligence. “Their security was good, but it should have been excellent. This is pretty scary for consumers.”The large scale breach was discovered on July 29th, but only made public on Thursday. The global company said 143 million Americans along with an unspecified number of people living in Canada and the United Kingdom were affected.Tobok estimates between 12-to14-million Canadians are going to be affected by this breach. He says it isn’t only Equifax customers who were exposed.“Every time you do a transaction, Equifax gets to retain that copy,” he explains. “You don’t even have a choice.”Questions regarding the actions of top Equifax executives are also being raised. Tobok says it’s “extremely suspicious” that three top executives sold shares following the breach.“The three executives who sold a small percentage of their Equifax shares on Tuesday, Aug. 1, and Wednesday, Aug. 2, had no knowledge that an intrusion had occurred at the time they sold their shares,” an Equifax spokesperon tells CityNews in an statement.The company says it acted immediately on the breach, which occurred between mid-May through July. Amongst the information hackers accessed were social security numbers, birthdays, names, drivers licenses and in some cases credit card numbers.There’s still no word on who’s behind the hack, whether it’s politically motivated by a state sponsor or organized crime interested in financial gain.“It probably took them anywhere between eight to nine months to actually get into Equifax and be able to consolidate that information,” Tobok said.Tobok’s Equifax Breach Tips– Monitor your Equifax credit score– Freeze your credit reports– If your S.I.N was stolen, it’s important to file a report with police.– Inform your bank of any suspicious activity: They’ll put special filters to alert them on any suspicious activities.The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada didn’t even know about the breach, saying it only heard about it through media reports.“We have reached out (to Equifax) yesterday to gather more information on the breach and have requested a full report, including details on how Canadians were affected,” a spokesperson said.The agency, whose mission is to protect and promote privacy rights of Canadians has already received complaints related to the breach.In a tweet posted yesterday, New York State Attorney Eric Schneiderman, said he would be launching a formal investigation into the breach.“As a government, we need to keep this organization liable and accountable for their actions,” Tobok said.Saturday afternoon, Equiafax said it found no evidence personal information of consumers had been impacted, but Tobok says the threat is still there.“Even some government ministries don’t have the type of private and sensitive information that Equifax holds on every citizen or record they have,” he said. “I think the chances are pretty slim of finding out who’s actually behind it.”Equifax created this website to keep consumers updated on the cyber security incident.last_img read more

TVA network apologizes for saying mosques sought exclusion of women at worksite

first_imgMONTREAL – French-language network TVA has apologized for a baseless report that said members of two Montreal mosques asked for female construction workers to be excluded from a nearby site.The TV network’s management posted a short statement online Friday, one day after mentioning the debunked story on air.The network said Friday the report was based on comments Tuesday by two entrepreneurs whose versions subsequently changed.“TVA Nouvelles regrets this situation and wishes to apologize to the various stakeholders and viewers who have been affected by this news,” it wrote.The brouhaha erupted when TVA initially reported the mosques had requested the no-women policy for the construction site during the busy Friday prayer sessions.TVA also said women on the site were intimidated.A day later, mosque officials dismissed the report and said they had only asked for parking to be available on Fridays.The provincial government referred the matter to the Quebec Construction Commission, which studied documents, met with representatives of the mosques and the companies involved and spoke to women who worked on the site.Commission president Diane Lemieux said Thursday there was absolutely no evidence that mosque members asked for female construction workers to be excluded from the nearby site.TVA said during its 10 p.m. newscast Thursday the story it had broadcast two days earlier had evolved to the point it could no longer definitively say the request had been made.A reporter called it a “serious mix-up” among those implicated in the story.Lemieux did say it appears some women were moved around the site at certain times as part of normal procedures but that these measures were possibly linked to a surplus of personnel or to operational needs.TVA management says it is investigating the journalistic practices employed in the story, which is also the subject of several complaints filed with Quebec’s press council.Asked about the controversy on CBC Montreal’s Daybreak on Friday, Premier Philippe Couillard said there should be an “exercise of self-examination” following the event.“There should at least be a recognition of the social impact of what happened,” he said.The initial report prompted virulent discussion on social media, alleged death threats as well as calls by right-wing groups for a protest at the mosques. .“It created lots of tension in the community,” Couillard said. “We almost had a demonstration by an extreme right group because of that … that’s so sad.”Montreal police kept close watch on the mosques Friday as worshippers attended prayers.last_img read more

Southern Ontario community issues state of emergency due to flooding

first_imgTHAMESVILLE, ONTARIO, – A community in southwestern Ontario has declared a state of emergency due to the imminent threat of flooding along the Thames River.Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope requested a voluntary evacuation of the community of Thamesville, Ont., about 95 kilometres south of London, Ont., Friday morning.He said the Lower Thames Conservation Authority indicated the Thames River was expected to peak near the town by the evening, and urged residents to prepare to leave as soon as possible.The conservation authority issued a flood warning Thursday night and said that it would remain in effect until Saturday.Hope says in a statement that a local convention centre opened Friday at noon as an emergency shelter for residents who aren’t able to stay with friends or relatives in unaffected areas.Days of mild temperatures and heavy rain has caused flooding in other parts of southern Ontario this week, including Brantford, Ont., and Orangeville, Ont.The city of Brantford issued a state of emergency Wednesday when warm weather and torrential rain caused an ice jam on the Grand River, forcing nearly 5,000 people from their homes.About 100 kilometres away in Orangeville, a three-year-old boy went missing in the Grand River on Wednesday when fast-moving waters swept him away from his mother’s grip after their van plunged into the water.In the Thamesville area Friday afternoon, gas was being shut off at affected homes and businesses as a safety precaution.“We need residents to leave sooner rather than later in case the situation deteriorates,” Hope said in a statement.“We are asking residents to take a 72-hour supply of medication and personal items with them since the water may remain high for several days.”Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said in a tweet Friday that her thoughts are with the people in the affected communities.“Ontario will support you during this emergency and as you rebuild and recover,” she said.last_img read more

Humboldt Broncos hockey player Evan Thomas remembered in Saskatoon

first_imgSASKATOON – Evan Thomas ate Fruit Loops for breakfast, went to the rink for a skate, then had a nap before boarding the Humboldt Broncos bus for a playoff game.During the April 6 highway drive to Nipawin, Sask., the 18-year-old exchanged messages on Snapchat with friends.The messages stopped about 5 p.m.Scott Thomas recounted his son’s last moments at a memorial service Monday in the family’s hometown of Saskatoon.“His friend and teammate Brayden Camrud has told us one of the last things he remembers is looking at the front of the bus, seeing Evan pull his dress shirt on, tie on, flip his fingers through his hair and the lights went out,” said Thomas.He told the crowd that his son died of multiple skull fractures.“We’ve been told that he died instantly. He did not suffer. There is some peace in that.”Evan Thomas was one of 16 killed when the bus and a semi truck hauling peat moss collided at a rural intersection north of Tisdale. Thirteen others were injured, including Camrud, and several remain in hospital.Scott Thomas said that his son’s cellphone was recovered after the crash and there wasn’t a scratch on it. And his body, except for his head, was in near perfect condition.“My opinion is it was because Evan was standing — simply standing, putting his suit on. He was struck by the upper cabinets of the bus and killed instantly,” he said.“That’s how random this was. Sitting, standing, front, back. Completely random. And vicious.”Thomas said he has given up asking himself why the accident happened.An outpouring of grief and support from people around the world has helped ease some of the pain, he said.“It could have happened on any bus on any stretch on any road in any part of Canada to any hockey team,” he said. “I think that is why it has ripped through everybody so hard.”About 3,000 people attended the service at SaskTel Centre, where friends and former teammates donned jerseys with the name Thomas on the back and raised hockey sticks over the heads of his family members as they walked by.Dozens of audio and video tributes described a humble and respectful young man who wanted a career in medicine because he wanted to help others. He could pull 95 per cent in almost any subject, with little effort. And he won a top science award in Grade 11.Some said Thomas, also known as E.T., had a wicked sense of humour. He perfected making Kraft Dinner, which he usually ate out of a pot. And he was addicted to Tim Hortons iced cappuccinos.He loved hockey but also played baseball and, no matter the sport, was a dedicated teammate.“My grandson was one of a kind,” said Marg Ellard.Thomas lived with Ellard for two seasons when he played hockey in Moose Jaw. He snuck his girlfriend in through a basement window, unplugged the home’s security camera and hosted parties, she said.He also passed his driver’s licence on his first try, she added. And she would give anything to have him back again.Camrud, 19, received minor injuries in the crash and has attended the funerals of his teammates in between visiting those still in hospital.He plans to play hockey again once he’s fully healed.“I’m sure that’s what they would want,” Camrud said after the memorial.“I’m going to play for them and I’m going to think about each and every one of them when I step out onto the ice.”last_img read more

Raucous crowd hears Ford Kenney rail against carbon tax at Calgary rally

first_imgCALGARY – A raucous crowd of more than 1,500 crammed into a Calgary convention centre Friday night to hear Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Jason Kenney, leader of Alberta’s Opposition United Conservative Party, rail against the federal carbon tax.“It’s really, my friends the worst tax ever, a tax we can’t afford, a job-killing tax that hikes up the price of services and goods and drives up the price of heating your homes,” Ford told the anti carbon-tax rally.The crowd frequently rose to its feet waving signs that said “Renew The Alberta Advantage” and “Scrap The Carbon Tax.” Many jeered when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s name was mentioned.So many people showed up that some had to listen from the hallway so as not to run afoul of fire codes.Ford made no secret of who he will root for in Alberta’s provincial election next spring.“Let’s elect a new United Conservative government in Alberta,” he said. “A new day has dawned in Ontario and a new day will dawn in Alberta.”Kenney has said the repeal of Alberta’s $30-a-tonne carbon tax will top his agenda if his party wins the election.“There is no compassion in telling seniors on modest fixed incomes that they can’t have an active life just so you can feel virtuous by imposing this carbon tax on Albertans,” he said.“It isn’t progressive and it’s not compassionate.”Kenney said the “multibillion-dollar job killing carbon tax” was not in the NDP’s 2015 election platform.“It is not just the biggest tax hike in Alberta history. It is the biggest lie in Alberta history,” he said.“Why are we engaged in this act of economic masochism when it will not make one whit of difference for the environment?”Heavy equipment operator Steve Spackman came to Calgary from Okotoks, just south of the city, for the rally because he’s fed up.“We’d probably hire more people at work I bet you, if they didn’t have that carbon tax every month coming in for gas,” he said.Alberta’s NDP government introduced the provincial levy before Ottawa required it. With the Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion in limbo, Premier Rachel Notley is now refusing to raise it in line with federal requirements.Ottawa passed legislation last spring to give it authority to impose a carbon price on any province without its own beginning Jan. 1, 2019. It is starting at a minimum of $20 per tonne, rising $10 per year until 2022.Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative government scrapped that province’s cap-and-trade system in July and launched a challenge of the federal carbon plan.Provincial resistance to Ottawa’s carbon policy has been ramping up.Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and Ford met in Saskatoon on Thursday, where the two conservative leaders said they will continue to fight the tax together. To that end, Moe announced Saskatchewan will file for intervener status in Ontario’s court challenge.Ontario had already pledged to support Saskatchewan’s court challenge when the premiers met in New Brunswick in July. Moe’s government has asked Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal to rule on whether the federal plan is constitutional.Ford and Moe gained another ally Wednesday when Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister announced his province will not go ahead with a $25-a-tonne levy that was to come into effect in December.“We’ll all be at the premier’s table defending common sense and Canadian taxpayers to fight against Trudeau’s carbon tax,” Ford said Friday.Trudeau said earlier in the day that Canadians gave his government a mandate in the last election to implement a national carbon price and that is exactly what it is going to do.“Pollution should not be free anywhere across this country,” he said at an event in Windsor, Ont.Alberta Education Minister David Eggen said earlier Friday that Albertans should be disturbed by Ford and Kenney working together.“Certainly we know how to solve our issues in Alberta and we don’t need someone form Ontario coming and telling us what to do,” he said.“Our climate action plan is very effective up to now in creating jobs, helping to diversify the economy and quite frankly is helping to reduce pollution as well.”last_img read more

Environmentalists farmers stake sides in Saskatchewans carbon tax challenge

first_imgREGINA — Sixteen interveners from across Canada are getting a say this week in Saskatchewan’s legal challenge of Ottawa’s federal carbon tax. Here’s a look at some of the groups and their arguments:Indigenous groups: Alberta’s Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation says a federal carbon tax is constitutionally necessary because climate change has an impact on the treaty rights of northern Indigenous peoples. The Assembly of First Nations says regulating carbon emissions is a national concern and Ottawa is “constitutionally bound” to mitigate the effects of climate change for First Nations people and their territories.Attorney generals of Ontario and New Brunswick: They argue the federal government is upsetting the balance of power between Ottawa and the provinces. They believe the federal government doesn’t meet the criteria needed to act under the authority of a “national concern” by imposing a carbon tax.United Conservative Party of Alberta: Alberta’s official Opposition says if the court agrees with Ottawa that greenhouse gas emissions are a national concern, the federal government’s jurisdiction will expand and leave Alberta unable to develop its own programs.Attorney general of British Columbia: The province already charges a carbon price. B.C. argues it already suffers from the effects of climate change and the province’s industries could be at a competitive disadvantage without a national carbon price. It says its cement industry has already been affected.Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission and the David Suzuki Foundation: They say reducing carbon emissions are a national concern that requires immediate action. “If it is not a matter of national concern, it is difficult to imagine what kind of transboundary pollution problem ever would be,” says a factum filed by the commission.Environmentalists: A coalition of environmental groups cites international commitments made by Canada to cut emissions. It also argues Ottawa’s actions are constitutional because Canada is obliged to uphold the “right to life, liberty and security of the person” under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.Canadian Taxpayers Federation: The non-profit group advocates for low taxes and says a carbon tax is ineffective at reducing emissions, threatens energy affordability and violates the principle of “no taxation without representation.”Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan: The group’s president says farmers will be unable to recoup the costs created by a carbon tax. Todd Lewis says the provincial government better recognizes the efforts farmers have already made to reduce their carbon footprint.SaskPower and SaskEnergy: The Crown corporations say carbon pricing will make their operations more expensive and those costs will be passed on to consumers. Both believe a federally imposed carbon tax attempts to regulate them.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Agriculture trade ministers will testify in April on Chinese canola issue

first_imgOTTAWA — A pair of federal cabinet ministers have been called on to testify before a parliamentary committee on China’s move to reject canola shipments from one of Canada’s largest grain producers.The House of Commons trade committee voted today to hear from Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and International Trade Minister Jim Carr on the Canada-China canola issue during the week of April 1.Beijing recently suspended canola imports from Richardson International Ltd. for what one Chinese official alleged was the detection of hazardous organisms in the company’s product.In an interview last week, Carr said Canada is pushing to solve the economically important matter — but he added that China had yet to provide evidence to back up the claims.China’s decision to block shipments of one of Canada’s key exports comes with the two countries locked in a diplomatic dispute related to the December arrest of Huawei senior executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver — where she’s now fighting extradition to the United States.China has since arrested Canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor on allegations of engaging in activities that have endangered Chinese national security — moves viewed as an effort to pressure Canada into releasing Meng.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Broadway Star Valisia LeKae Stars In Mount Sinais Ovarian Cancer Awareness PSA

first_imgA 30-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the Mount Sinai Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment program aired for the first time Thursday, May 1, on the iconic Toshiba Vision LED signboards in the heart of Times Square, New York City.Eddie Temistokle; Valisia LeKae; and Dr. David FishmanThe PSA will continue to broadcast every six minutes, 24-hours per day through May 15th. David Fishman, MD, Director and Founder of the Mount Sinai Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment Program, Valisia LeKae, Broadway actress and ovarian cancer survivor and Toshiba executives unveiled the PSA with a countdown.“With Toshiba’s help, we will create more awareness about ovarian cancer which will hopefully result in saving lives,” says Dr. Fishman, professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive science and gynecological oncologist at The Mount Sinai Hospital. “We are very excited to see our important message on one of the biggest screens in the world and I’m extremely grateful to my very talented patient, Valisia LeKae, a Tony and Grammy nominated actress and singer for sharing her story. “Ovarian Cancer is the fourth leading cause of death in American women. Approximately 22,000 women are diagnosed annually and 14,000 die from the disease. “Every day that passes without a cure for ovarian cancer means the suffering and death of countless women,” said Dr. Fishman. “Valisia is one of the lucky ones and she is a fighter.”“I want to thank Toshiba, The Mount Sinai Hospital, Peter Hapak and Spotco for joining forces to help broadcast the importance of ovarian cancer risk assessment and my personal journey to thousands of men and women who will see it daily,” says LeKae, the 34 year-old actress who played Diana Ross in Motown the Musical and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013. “Dr. Fishman and the Mount Sinai team helped to save my life, so I want to give back by helping to educate and encourage others about this disease and the fight against it.”last_img read more

Millennial Ball 30 To Benefit Gabrielles Angel Foundation

first_imgThe Millennial Committee of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, a group of ambitious and prominent Gen Y individuals in the fields of entertainment, finance, fashion and society, continue their mission to end cancer by hosting The Millennial Ball 3.0 at TAO Downtown on Wednesday, November 26th.Their signature fundraising event highlights some of New York’s most influential junior philanthropists and will feature a special live performance by Virgin Records artist Tallia Storm. Visionary artist and lymphoma survivor, Quiana Parks will serve as DJ along with a very special surprise performer.For the third year, The Millennial Ball will be presented by Andrew Warren, Founder of Just Drew Clothing and Louie Torrellas, an Emmy-winning performer and Founder of Ambitious Media, a fully integrated production and entertainment lifestyle company. The evening will be hosted by Reya Benitez, Danielle Bernstein, Peter Brant Jr., Gaia Mattisse, Serena Marron, Angela Simmons, Karen Shiboleth and Tiffany Trump.Other host committee members include Alex Assouline, Sosie Bacon, Nell Blagg, Ben Bronfman, Kyle Bryan, Leticia Busso, Clair Canavan, Bella Chartouni, Jonathan Cheban, Samantha Cohen, Justin Combs, Jesse Comly, Olivia Davis, Eugenie Eisman, Lindsey Engel, Sadie Friedman, Cassidy Gifford, Tessa Gourin, Chloe Goutal, Alexa Greenfield, Morgan Halberg, Patra Halloran, Gianni Harrel, Hayley Helene, Spencer Hewett, Elizabeth Hilfiger, Nick Hissom, Natalie Jackson, EJ Johnson, RJ King, Lindsey Kevitch, Derek Lee, Camille Lasker, Tony Lobel, Liam McMullan, Makenzie Moon, Julia Moshy, Zack Peck, Anrej Pejic, PC Peterson, Paige Reifler, Storery Schifter, Karen Shiboleth, Avery Singer, Lulu Stelle, Tom Stelle, Isabelle Trentalacia, Luke Tricomi and Ezra J. William.Over the course of seven years, the Millennial Committee has raised $220,000 to fund research to improve the efficacy of cancer treatments, reduce their toxicity and improve the quality of life of patients with leukemia, lymphoma and related cancers.Guests can pose in the photo booth sponsored by Selfbee, an interactive app that allows users to categorize and share selfies. Nick Graham Menswear, from the eponymous creator of Joe Boxer, will provide a 20% discount code to attendees and will donate 20% of all sales to the Foundation. Nick Graham Menswear ushers in the “Post-Prep” movement for fashion forward men who want to shake up their style. Attendees will also enjoy complimentary temporary metallic tattoos by Sobe Tatts, the newest trend to hit the fashion scene. Additional sponsors of the night include UBER, Essentia Alkaline Water, RUNA Clean Energy Drinks, Jose Cuervo, Viva Diva Wines, Three Olives Vodka, Agavero Tequila Liquer, Justin’s, and Just Drew Clothing. Guests attending The Millennial Ball require an ID and must be 18 years old to enter and 21 years old to drink.Tickets can be purchased on the secure website or by calling Gina Balsan at the Foundation office, (646) 861-2033. For more information about Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research please visit read more

Fergie To Perform At amfAR Gala Los Angeles

first_imgamfAR has announced today eight-time GRAMMY Award-winning multi-platinum solo artist Fergie will perform at its eighth annual amfAR Gala Los Angeles.The evening will pay tribute to Julia Roberts, who will be presented with amfAR’s Award of Courage by Tom Hanks in recognition of her profound commitment to the fight against AIDS, as well as countless other humanitarian causes. James Corden will host the event.The black-tie benefit, presented by AMTD, Harry Winston, and M•A•C Viva Glam, will be held at Ron Burkle’s Historic Green Acres Estate on Friday, October 13, to support amfAR’s life-saving AIDS research programs.Influencing a generation of stars to follow, Fergie remains pop’s leading lady. On September 22, the eight-time GRAMMY Award-winning multi-platinum solo artist released her anxiously awaited visual experience and second full-length album, Double Dutchess — the first release for her own Dutchess Music the label she founded in partnership with BMG during 2017. The Visual Experience quickly captured #1 on iTunes in addition to the album becoming the #1 pop album in the United States, hitting #1 on the Billboard Current Pop Albums Chart, #4 on the Top Independent Albums Chart, and #9 on the Top Albums Chart. It became a runaway smash globally, going Top 10 on iTunes Overall in eight countries and Top 5 on the iTunes Pop Albums Charts in eleven countries. It’s gaining even more steam as she sets her sights on a 2018 world tour. This blockbuster follows up one of the most successful albums of this century The Dutchess, which sold 7.2 million albums and 29 million tracks around the globe and yielded three #1 Billboard Hot 100 hits: “London Bridge,” “Glamorous,” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and Top 5 smashes “Fergalicious” and “Clumsy.” She also remains a driving force in The Black Eyed Peas whose legacy eclipses sales of 35 million records and 60 million tracks over the course of four multi-platinum offerings. Once again, she sets the pace for pop.amfAR Chairman of the Board Kenneth Cole, Ron Burkle, and Jason Weinberg will serve as the Event Chairs. Kevin Huvane, Bryan Lourd, Richard Lovett, and Ida Ziniti are Honorary Chairs. Co-Chairs of the event include Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, Matt Bomer and Simon Halls, Patricia Bonaldi, Stephen Chobsky, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, John Demsey, Tom Ford, amfAR Global Fundraising Chairman Milutin Gatsby, Jean Paul Gaultier, James Goldstein, Nayla Hayek, Stephen Huvane, Michael Kors, Matthew Modine, Ryan Murphy, Gary Newman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Patrick, Sean Penn, Zac Posen, Alan Poul and Ari Karpel, Billy and Stacy Ray, Vincent Roberti, Rich Ross and Adam Sanderson, Jeremy Scott, Gary Tigges, M.D., Diana Walden, Steve Warren, Pauletta and Denzel Washington, Rodney Williams, and Rita Wilson.AMTD, Harry Winston, and M•A•C Viva Glam are the Presenting Sponsors. Cadillac, Moët Hennessy, and PatBO are the event’s Signature Sponsors. Delta Air Lines is the Official Airline of amfAR.To date, the amfAR Gala Los Angeles has raised more than $11 million for amfAR’s life-saving research programs.For more information, click here or email read more

Sarah Gadon Calls Alias Grace the Most Complicated Intelligent Job Shes Ever

first_imgAdvertisement Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Toronto-born actress Sarah Gadon has been working in the entertainment industry since she was in elementary school, but she considers her role in Netflix’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s “Alias Grace” the first chance she’s had to truly express her range as a performer. “When I read this, I said ‘This is the most complicated, intelligent, difficult job I have ever been presented with, so I should chase it!’ Gadon says. “I’m really grateful for that opportunity because I know they’re few and far between.”What was the biggest allure of the project for you? Were you a fan of the novel?“Alias Grace” was not an Atwood book that I studied in school, so I actually hadn’t read it before I read the scripts. What drew me immediately to the project was Sarah Polley. I was a huge fan of hers both as an actor and as a writer/director. She has been a bit quiet for the past couple of years, and I knew she was going to come back with something amazing that she had been simmering with, and so as soon as I got the call that this was Sarah’s brainchild, I was like “Oh my god, yes yes yes!” She’s so smart and special, and I’ve kind of always felt this weird secret kinship to her because she also grew up in Toronto and came up in the landscape of Canadian filmmaking like me. SARAH GADON – PHOTO BY WESTON WELLS FOR VARIETY What was your first introduction to Atwood’s work?I read “Oryx and Crake” in school, but a lot of what I read of hers were her more sci-fi books and writings.READ MOREcenter_img Advertisement Login/Register With: Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Toronto Rock to partner with Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund

first_imgAdvertisement Twitter Login/Register With: Advertisement The mission of the Downie Wenjack Fund is to encourage reconciliation between non-Indigenous and Indigenous people in Canada.Gord Downie was the lead singer of the rock band The Tragically Hip. He died from brain cancer on Oct. 17 at the age of 53. He dedicated the final year of his life to raising awareness of Indigenous issues and the destructive legacy of residential schools in Canada.Downie’s brother Patrick will address the crowd prior to the game.CANADIAN PRESS Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau looks on as Gord Downie is presented with a Star blanket by Assembly of First Nations Chief Perry Bellegarde and his wife Valerie Galley during a ceremony honouring Downie at the AFN Special Chiefs assembly in Gatineau, Que., Tuesday, December 6, 2016. Downie, the poetic lead singer of the Tragically Hip whose determined fight with brain cancer inspired a nation, has died. He was 53. (Adrian Wyld/CP)center_img TORONTO – The Toronto Rock have partnered with the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund for the National Lacrosse League team’s home opener on Dec. 16 against the Saskatchewan Rush at Air Canada Centre.The Rock will donate $1 to the Downie Wenjack Fund for every ticket sold for the game.Representatives from the Downie Wenjack Fund will be on the Air Canada Centre concourse on game night accepting donations, selling merchandise and raising awareness. Advertisement Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment last_img read more

The 36th Just For Laughs Festival – July 14 to 28 2018

first_img Login/Register With: Advertisement Advertisement Twitter LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Mado Lamotte will be back for a 5th edition of her eclectic show Mado’s got talent! with drag-queens, singers, circus artists and comedians! “Mado’s madness returns to the Place des Festivals! We are preparing a memorable show – and hilarious! – Just For Laughs 2018, get ready!” – Mado Lamotte.Night owls will be welcome at the Melting Pot, located on Esplanade de la Place des Arts, to party all night in the heart of the downtown along with international artists and DJs.Finally, the gourmet open-air village BOUFFONS!MTL is back at the corner of Ste-catherine West street & Bleury street. This is the summer happening for foodies with tens of food trucks, tasting workshops, bars and more!The full programming of outdoor activities will be announced in June 2018.center_img MONTREAL – Festival Juste pour rire is proud to present the first highlights of its 2018 outdoor programming: a diverse and innovative program for all tastes and all generations! The Festival is happy to announce that the mythical Beach Boys will perform on its free outdoor stage next summer! The festival-goers are invited to come celebrate the summer heat and dance with the sound of worldwide hits that have become true classics, such as I Get Around, Wouldn’t It Be Nice and Surfin’ USA. Let the Californian sunshine take over Place des Festivals … mark your calendars!The hit teen event Juste pour ados! created and led by Pascal Morrissette, will be back with 100+ artists for a show and meet‑ups with teen idols of the year. “I’m happy to be back at Juste pour rire with even more craziness, stars, and selfies! I promise you a new show that our young girls and guys will adore!” – Pascal Morrissette. Facebook Advertisementlast_img read more