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Human skull purchased from oddity shop by Conservative candidate likely an orphaned

first_imgClaire Rattée, a Kitimat resident, tattoo artist and Conservative candidate bought a skull for her boyfriend. Photo courtesy: FacebookMartha TroianAPTN News The ancient human skull purchased by a federal Conservative candidate in northern B.C for her boyfriend’s birthday came from a popular oddity shop.Claire Rattée, a Kitimat resident and tattoo artist, is running in the next federal election to represent Skeena-Bulkley Valley.Recently APTN News reported Rattée purchased a human skull from the 1700s for her boyfriend, Oliver James Brown.The skull is of European descent, claims Rattée, something she says can be proven from an online receipt.Read More:Federal Conservative candidate gives boyfriend human skull for birthday But the gift itself still has some people perplexed.“It’s a strange gift,” said Rudy Reimer, a professor in the department of archaeology at Simon Fraser University.“[But] I am aware these items are on sale in various parts of the world.”Documentation – an online receipt Celebrating his gift from Rattée, Brown took to Facebook to share news about his birthday present.(Oliver Brown’s Facebook post about his “first real human skull” from Conservative candidate, Claire Rattée. Photo: Facebook)In the post Brown wrote, “My birthday present came today my first real human skull and its from the 1700s!”The Facebook post was from February 2019.In a previous phone interview, Rattée claims the human skull is of European descent, and necessary as a “good reference for art.”Both Rattée and Brown are tattoo artists and own a studio in Kitimat.(Professor Reimer of Simon Fraser University thinks buying a skull seems morbid and strange. Photo courtesy: Rudy Reimer)Professor Reimer believes there is no need to purchase an authentic skull for such purpose.“There are these casts that are not real, and are based on real human anatomy that one could look at,” says Reimer.“In this day and age, having the rationale about needing an authentic skull, I find a little odd.”(Federal Conservative candidate Claire Rattée and supporters on Canada’s Day. Photo: Facebook)Since the article was published, APTN asked Rattée’s campaign manager, Chelsea Bossence, if Rattée could share the documentation about the ancient skull.After several attempts to view the documentation, Bossence provided an online receipt via email from SkullStore; a Toronto-based oddity shop, where Rattée purchased the human remain for her boyfriend.On the receipt it reads, “Human Skull, European C x 1” and was shipped to a Kitimat address.Rattée purchased the skull earlier this year for just under $1K.(Claire Rattée’s receipt of the ancient skull purchased for her boyfriend earlier this year provided by her campaign manager Chelsea Bossence)The documentation – the receipt – shows no other descriptive information about the skull.Ben Lovatt, owner of SkullStore wrote to APTN in an email that a receipt is provided along with any other information on his website.“A provenance document would actually be a serious piece of research,” says history professor Shawn Graham at Carleton University and a trained archaeologist.“It would show who owned or previously where it came from, the whole ownership history and the archeological dimension to it.”APTN asked Bossence if Rattée has such detailed document, and wrote the skull was purchased from a reputable vendor following all appropriate criteria, and considers this matter closed.Both Graham and his colleague, Damien Huffer, a professor who has extensive osteological training has serious concerns about where this skull may have come from.(Carleton University History professor Shawn Graham says a proper provenance document would be a serious piece of research, not a receipt, for a human remain. Photo courtesy: Shawn Graham)“Looking at the skull in the photo, it looks like the skull is flaking a bit which point to it being in alternating, wet, dry conditions, or freezing and thawing [conditions],” says Graham.Graham also notes what looks like tool marks on the skull suggesting the skull may have come from the black market.“The person may have lived in the 1700s, but the skull looks like it came on the market recently.”Although he cannot determine conclusively based on a photograph, Graham has reason to doubt the skull has been sitting in a collection somewhere.Skull purchased by Rattée likely an ‘orphan skull’The Toronto oddity shop where Rattée purchased the skull from, SkullStore, sells everything from a child’s shrunken head to a Dayak tribal skull – all of them selling in the thousands of dollars.(Bob Lovatt, owner of the oddity shop SkullStore, says when looking at a human skull it is like looking into a spiritual mirror. Photo courtesy: SkullStore)In an email statement, Lovatt wrote his store has become a respected leader in the oddities collecting community, and would never keep anything illegal.The European skulls from his store are “a simpler instance of orphaned remains coming from archaeological estates and defunct institutions,” wrote Lovatt.Lovatt explains most of his skulls are ones from “retired medical professionals and the damaged/unloved specimens in the basements of the professional’s family or academic institutions.”After looking at a photo of Rattée’s purchase from APTN’s story, Lovatt believes the skull was one of his orphaned, European skulls.Such skulls have minimal information wrote Lovatt.(A Dayak tribal skull for sale at SkullStore, worth $5,750K. Described as “a real, contemporary, human skull carved by the Dayak peoples of Borneo.” Photo courtesy: SkullStore)No one is calling for repatriation for these remains, Lovatt continues, adding these “skulls belong in respectful homes” and “could have been people we’d have known personally.”Lovatt wrote he would never keep or endorse selling Indigenous remains from North America.“Human remains are human remains, and wherever their skull or anything like it come from, there should be some reverence for the dead,” says Reimer.mtroian@aptn.calast_img read more

Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the

first_imgTORONTO – Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week:Bread battle falloutLoblaw Co. Ltd. releases fourth-quarter and year-end results on Thursday. The grocery giant rocked the food retail industry in December when it admitted to participating in an alleged price-fixing conspiracy. Loblaw and George Weston Ltd. were granted immunity from prosecution by the Competition Bureau, and have been threatened with legal action from rival Sobeys Inc. for implicating it in the scheme.Big Six earnings beginCIBC and Royal Bank of Canada release first-quarter results on Thursday and Friday, respectively. The two banks are among six named in a class-action lawsuit filed in a U.S. court that alleges Canadian banks and three others conspired to increase the profitability of their derivatives trading business by manipulating an interest rate benchmark for about seven years.Train to profitability?CP Rail president and CEO Keith Creel presents at the Citi 2018 Industrials Conference in Miami Beach on Thursday. An RBC Dominion Securities analyst said Thursday that service at rival Canadian National Railway Co. was deteriorating so badly — including below-average train speeds and above-average “dwell time” in terminals — that clients are switching their cargoes to Canadian Pacific Railway CP Rail.Some pirates are better than othersCineplex Inc. discusses fourth-quarter and year-end results on Thursday. The movie exhibitor chain has joined other prominent members of Canada’s entertainment industry to call for a new federal agency to locate and shut down websites that are portals for illegally obtained video and audio content. Dubbed FairPlay Canada, the group argues that Canadian jobs are at risk because consumers can get access to TV shows, movies and music from websites that don’t pay for the content that they stream to consumers.Winner! Gagnant!SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. releases fourth-quarter and year-end results on Thursday. The Montreal-based Engineering consulting and construction firm was the big winner on Feb. 8 when it was awarded rights to help build Montreal’s new light-rail project connecting the city to its suburbs and its international airport. SNC-Lavalin is part of the two consortiums that will both build the infrastructure and furnish the trains.last_img read more

Collision at Mile 55 on Alaska Highway

first_imgIf you’re travelling in the area, let us know what you see.  Send an email to FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – We have received reports that a tanker truck has gone off the road at Mile 55 on the Alaska Highway.It is reported that police are on the scene.We will bring you more updates as soon as information is made available.last_img

Facebook launching app that pays users for data on app usage

SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook is launching an app that will pay users to share information with the social media giant about which apps they’re using.The company previously rolled out two similar apps. But both were shut down after drawing criticism for infringing on privacy, and one was cited for violating Apple’s App Store terms of agreement.Facebook says the new app, called Study, is different than the previous two. And it is only available on the Google Play Store.Facebook says the new app will collect information about which apps people are using and for how long. It will not track passwords.But some privacy experts are concerned users will still not know exactly what information they are sending.Facebook is not saying how much it will pay participants to share their information.The Associated Press read more

Cyprus 25000th landmine cleared by UN

Since late 2004, teams of de-miners working with the UN Mine Action Centre in Cyprus (UNMACC) have been working to rid the 180 kilometre-long buffer zone of landmines laid during the outbreak of inter-communal violence in 1974.“Reaching this milestone is another important step forward in our activities serving the two communities and will hopefully serve as a prelude to a successful and satisfactory follow-on phase as we move towards our stated goal of a mine-free buffer zone, and eventually, we hope, a mine-free Cyprus,” said Lisa Buttenheim, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative.Since launching its operations six years ago, the UNMACC has cleared nearly 10 million square metres of land for farming and other uses, as well as 71 minefields in the buffer zone.Of the 25,000 destroyed landmines, 17,000 were anti-personnel and 8,000 anti-tank mines left behind from the 1974 fighting. It is estimated that up to 15,000 landmines remain on Cyprus, with 2 million square metres of land still possibly contaminated by mines and unexploded ordnance.The bulk of the work is carried out by de-miners from Mozambique and Zimbabwe, together with G4S Ordnance Management, a private company. Each of the four de-mining teams comprise 12 people and there is also one 6-person mechanical team operating the recently-acquired Mini Minewolf, a remote-controlled tiller system.“Landmine removal and disposal is a painstaking and hazardous business involving precision, patience and, above all, expertise,” said Max Dyck UNMACC Project Manager.Since the start of its work, UN de-miners in Cyprus have suffered several casualties, including the death last October of Felisberto Novele, a Mozambaican team leader who was killed in an explosion in a now-cleared minefield some 10 kilometres from the capital, Nicosia.His death and other casualties, including an accident in which a de-miner lost his leg, highlight the dangers involved in mine-clearing work and the threats still posed by the weapons.Ms. Buttenheim also underlined the political impact that clearing the mines will have, since it is tearing down a physical barrier between the two sides.“Our hope is that today’s announcement will instill an even stronger commitment on the part of both communities to rid the island completely of its deadly landmine heritage driven by the recognition that landmines have no place in any civilized society,” she stressed.The leader of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities met earlier this week to continue UN-backed negotiations on reunifying the island.The talks began in 2008 after the then-leaders of the two communities committed themselves to working towards a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation with political equality, as defined by relevant Security Council resolutions. 21 October 2010The United Nations cleared its 25,000th landmine in Cyprus today, a landmark in efforts to clear the island of the deadly weapons and eliminate barriers between its two communities. read more

US budget deficit grows more slowly in March blunted by tax hike

US budget deficit grows more slowly in March, blunted by tax hike and lower bailout costs by Daniel Wagner, The Associated Press Posted Apr 10, 2013 4:08 pm MDT WASHINGTON – The U.S. federal budget deficit grew more slowly in March than the previous month, keeping the annual spending shortfall on pace to finish below $1 trillion for the first time in five years.The deficit grew by $106.5 billion in March, well below the $203.5 billion added in February, the Treasury Department said Wednesday.Through the first six months of the year, the deficit has reached $600 billion. That’s smaller than the $779 billion racked up in the first six months of the 2012 budget year. The budget year began on Oct. 1.The deficit for the 2013 budget year is expected to be $845 billion, according to analysis by the independent Congressional Budget Office. That’s down from $1.1 trillion in the 2012 budget year and the lowest since 2008.The CBO estimate may be higher than the actual deficit. It does not reflect across-the-board spending cuts that took effect March 1.Higher Social Security taxes are helping to reduce the monthly deficit this year. The tax on most American’s paychecks is 2 percentage points higher this year, boosting revenue in March by about $10 billion, the CBO said. The tax hike is projected to boost revenue by about $10 billion per month for the rest of the budget year, which ends Sept. 30.The single biggest factor in March’s decline was a lower expected cost for emergency programs launched during the 2008 financial crisis. Ongoing support of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was less costly. Treasury also reduced by $26 billion the official price tag of the bank bailouts and a related program to buy toxic mortgage investments.The government’s total receipts for the first half of the budget year are up 12 per cent compared with last year. Spending is down 3 per cent so far this year.Earlier Wednesday, President Barack Obama sent Congress a $3.8 trillion spending blueprint that strives to tame runaway deficits by raising taxes on the wealthy and cutting popular benefit programs like Social Security and Medicare.The White House budget request projects a deficit of $973 billion for the current year, falling to $744 billion in 2014. Even with the president’s deficit reductions, the budget projects the red ink would total $5.3 trillion over the next 10 years.The president’s budget projects deficit reductions of $1.8 trillion over the next decade, achieved through higher taxes, reductions in payments to Medicare providers and cutbacks in the cost-of-living adjustments paid to millions of recipients in Social Security and other government programs.The deficit is the amount the government must borrow when its needs to spend more than it takes in in revenue. The monthly figures are volatile and can be affected by calendar quirks that shift government spending or revenue from one month to another.The deficit hit a record $1.41 trillion in budget year 2009, which began four months before Obama took office. That deficit was due largely to the worst recession since the Great Depression. Tax revenue plummeted. And the government spent more on stimulus programs.The budget gaps in 2010 and 2011 were slightly lower than the 2009 deficit as a gradually strengthening economy generated more tax revenue.President George W. Bush also ran annual deficits through most of his two terms in office after he won approval for broad tax cuts and launched wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.The last time the government ran an annual surplus was in 2001.___Daniel Wagner can be reached at . read more

US banks earn record 422B in 2nd quarter helped by plunge in

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Marcy Gordon, The Associated Press Posted Aug 29, 2013 10:01 am MDT WASHINGTON – U.S. banks earned more from April through June than during any quarter on record, aided by a steep drop in losses from bad loans.The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. says the banking industry earned $42.2 billion in the second quarter, up 23 per cent from the second quarter of 2012.Banks’ losses on loans tumbled 30.7 per cent from a year earlier to $14.2 billion, the lowest in six years. And bank lending increased 1 per cent from the first quarter. Greater lending helps boost consumer and business spending, leading to more jobs and faster economic growth.Still, the report shows that the largest banks continue to drive the industry’s profits while smaller institutions have struggled. US banks earn record $42.2B in 2nd quarter, helped by plunge in losses from bad loans read more

Aequitas recognized as a new stock exchange by Ontario Securities Commission

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Aequitas recognized as a new stock exchange by Ontario Securities Commission by The Canadian Press Posted Nov 17, 2014 10:47 am MDT TORONTO – Aequitas Neo Exchange, a proposed new Canadian stock market aimed at deterring high-frequency trading strategies, has been approved by the Ontario Securities Commission.The largest of the Canada’s provincial and territorial market regulators said Monday it has issued a recognition order for the new exchange, which is backed by the country’s largest bank and several large financial firms.The order is effective March 1, 2015.Royal Bank (TSX:RY) is among the supporters of Aequitas, along with the U.K.-based Barclays banking group, a Canadian pension fund manager, several brokerages and BCE Inc. (TSX:BCE).Aequitas said Monday it is on track to launch its trading and listing platform in the first half of next year.“We are now in a position to help promote confidence and build an exchange of the future using a bold new blueprint that puts investors, companies and their dealers first,” said Jos Schmitt, president and chief executive Aequitas NEO Exchange.The Aequitas NEO Exchange is expected to trade stocks listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange, which are owned by the TMX Group Ltd. (TSX:X).In its application to the Ontario Securities Commission, Aequitas said its Neo Book will use a random delay and “uneconomic transaction fees” to discourage high-frequency trading.The strategies used by high-frequency traders have been criticized for putting traditional investors at a disadvantage in current markets, which cater to high-volume trading to generate revenue. read more

Ban congratulates Ghana on holding of peaceful presidential elections

“He extends his congratulations to President Mahama and all presidential candidates for their exemplary conduct throughout the campaign period, and for their commitment to maintaining peace, especially as shown in their signing of the Kumasi Declaration,” the spokesperson added in a statement, referring to an agreement made by presidential candidates against electoral violence.According to media reports, Ghana’s electoral authorities announced on Sunday that the incumbent, John Dramani Mahama, won a new term as president. Mr. Mahama – who replaced former President John Atta Mills after his death in July – reportedly won 50.7 percent of the ballots cast.The Secretary-General’s spokesperson said that Mr. Ban takes note of the declaration of the final results by the Electoral Commission, which he commends for its continued commitment to the professional and transparent organization of elections.“He encourages the concerned parties to continue to use legal means to resolve all disputes and he emphasizes that all actions taken in this critical period should contribute to preserving peace and stability in Ghana,” the spokesperson added. read more

Sheridan Smith pulls out of Royal Variety Performance after death of her

first_imgShe said: “My parents are a Country and Western duo called The Daltons. They used to perform seven nights a week and when I was four I joined them on stage doing little dance routines. It wasn’t long before I was standing on a stool joining in the singing.”They don’t often have gigs at weekends now but if they do I’ll be there joining in. I love to perform. But these days it’s more likely we’ll all go to support my brother Damian’s gig. He is a guitarist in the band Torn.”The Royal Variety Performance is staged in aid of the Royal Variety Charity, formerly the Entertainment Artistes’ Benevolent Fund, of which the Queen is patron.This year’s show will be hosted by David Walliams and has other big names such as Gary Barlow, Emeli Sande and Britain’s Got Talent winner and magician Lance Corporal Richard Jones on the bill. Smith received rave reviews for her role in Funny Girl Smith playing  Charmian Biggs in the ITV drama Mrs Biggs Smith, 35, revealed in March this year that her father had been diagnosed with cancer. Following the news, she pulled out of a performance of the West End musical, Funny Girl.She shared the news with her Twitter followers writing: “Had s–t news 2day, sorry I can’t make the show for u loyal fans, if u ask they give u tix to the Savoy!”She added: “it’s one, hate missing shows but pappa needs me x”She spent nearly two months away from the show suffering ill health, said to have been suffering from “stress and exhaustion” among “very difficult” personal circumstances. The actress made a successful return in July, receiving rave reviews and selling out the Savoy Theatre.  Sheridan Smith has pulled out of this year’s Royal Variety Performance following the death of her father, Colin, this week.The Funny Girl star was due to perform alongside other celebrities such as Sting and Robbie Williams in the show, which will take place in front of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.A statement said: “Sheridan’s much loved father sadly passed away this week.”We can confirm that she will not be performing at the Royal Variety Performance this Tuesday.”At this difficult time for Sheridan and her family we would ask that you please respect their privacy.” The cast of Cirque du Soleil’s The Beatles Love show will fly over from Las Vegas for a special performance to mark its 10th anniversary.The money raised from the Royal Variety Performance helps people from the world of entertainment in need of care and assistance.It will take place at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith on December 6 and will be broadcast on ITV. Smith on the Bafta red carpet in 2016 The actress’s eldest brother Julian died from cancer at the age of 18.Smith starred in the BBC1 drama, The C Word, last year which saw her portraying blogger Lisa Lynch.Smith’s parents – Colin and Marilyn – formed the Country and Western duo, The Daltons.The band’s Facebook page describes their sound as being inspired by the work of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Dolly Parton.A young Sheridan often performed with her parents, and her brother Damian, who is part of the band The Torn, also often joined his parents on stage.In an interview with The Telegraph in 2010, Smith described her family as being “a bit like The Waltons”.center_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Smith received rave reviews for her role in Funny Girl Smith playing  Charmian Biggs in the ITV drama Mrs Biggs Smith on the Bafta red carpet in 2016 Smith attending the Evening Standard Theatre Awards in November Smith attending the Evening Standard Theatre Awards in Novemberlast_img read more

Packages and components bring low operating costs and increased productivity

first_imgTorque Arm II is a shaft mount helical gear reducer that mounts directly to the driven shaft with a number of accessories available to produce versatility, cost savings and long life. Significantly increased torque power ratings can be achieved that are comparable to the next larger size of other gear reducers. Its modular design and accessories helps reduce stock holding costs. The gear reducer features a proven, standard twin tapered bushing system with patented short shaft option to allow replacement of straight bore style and single bushed reducers without sacrificing the advantages of the twin tapered system. A drive train package, to be launched by ABB at Hillhead 2014, demonstrates the benefits of using a single source supplier for all components from electric motors, variable-speed drives, gearboxes, bearings and couplings. If required, a single service contract can be purchased for the entire drive train. However, components such as gearboxes, couplings and bearings are designed for easy and rapid removal and installation, offering major time saving for in-house maintenance teams. Specific features, such as the sealing techniques used in bearings, significantly extend the life cycle of the components. All the benefits are designed to reduce downtime, lower operating costs, improve reliability while increasing productivity levels.Highlights of the bearings on show includes an adapter sleeve system used on the ISN spherical, ISN hydraulic assisted mounting and GripTight bearings which makes removal and/or installation quicker. An internal bearing puller removes the inner ring from the adapter and then pushes the adapter in the opposite direction out from under the bearing. Using the internal puller eliminates the need for special external tools, and allows the bearing to be installed or removed quickly.The sealing system for these bearings plus the Setscrew ball bearing features flingers that protect the bearing by keeping lubricants in and contaminants out, thereby extending the life of the bearings, increasing up-time by up to 50%, minimising maintenance costs and lowering overall installation costs.The ISN range is a complete unit that is delivered ready out-of-the-box.The ABB Dodge Quantis line features three global industry-leading gear motors and reducer solutions: In-Line Helical (ILH), Motorised Shaft Mount (MSM) and Right Angle Helical-Bevel (RHB). Designed to achieve greater output torque and power ratings and expanded ratio range, the Quantis range can allow the customer to downsize from existing units, resulting in a reduced product cost.The range features an optional XT harsh duty output seal for wet and abrasive environments. This seal has a quadra lip design, rubber coated inner and outer seals and a protected seal running surface. ABB Dodge® speed reducers, come with sealing options that keep dirt and debris out giving a minimum operating life of 25,000 hours in harsh high load conditions such as those found in mining applications.Modular assembly and motor/ reducer packaged combinations provide flexibility and ensure fast delivery. Options including integral motors (for limited space), clamp-collar construction or three piece coupled construction for increased flexibility. The clamp collar design allows the use of a standard ABB, IEC motor with B5 flange. There is no need to remove pulleys/ sprockets from the drive shaft when the motor goes down. Simply undo the motor flange bolts and clamp collar to replace with a new motor. Among the many couplings available, ABB Dodge® is displaying its Para-Flex, D-Flex and Grid-Lign range. The Para-Flex flexible coupling offers extra bore capacity that allows smaller coupling selections. No lubrication and no need for visual inspection helps save time. Torque is transmitted through a composite element system that is reinforced with torque carrying tension cords and split end reinforcement.The D-Flex flexible coupling offers reduced vibration. The flange outside diameter is concentric to bore for ease in alignment.The Grid-Lign rigid coupling is interchangeable with other industry standard tapered grid couplings.The flexible couplings have misalignment capabilities and are able to accommodate torsional, angular and parallel misalignment while the rigid coupling offers high torque capability with output speed connections for both a motor or speed reducer. The new, innovative synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) range is available as:– IE4 SynRM, cast iron frame sizes 160 to 315 (11 to 315 kW)– High output (HO) SynRM, aluminium frame sizes 90 to 132 (1.1 to 37 kW), and cast iron frame sizes 160 to 315 (17 to 350 kW)ABB’s new, highly energy-efficient SynRM motor is an innovative motor design that has no rotor windings (no squirrel cage), unlike traditional asynchronous designs. The rotor, therefore, suffers virtually no power losses and its temperature remains lower than in conventional rotors. This helps achieve better power density and higher energy efficiency. In addition, lower temperatures mean longer bearing life and longer re-greasing intervals which extends the maintenance periods. Compared to permanent magnet motors SynRM is lighter, less expensive and easier to repair, yet gives the same performance levels.The SynRM has a high output (HO) variant that produces the same power as traditional asynchronous AC motors but in mechanical motor frames which are two sizes smaller. This HO variant boasts IE3 efficiency figures.The second super premium high efficiency variant has the same physical dimensions as a standard synchronous AC motor, but is able to achieve IE4 efficiency levels, which is ideal for minimising energy usage in fan and pump applications.The SynRM motors bring many advantages over traditional motors including reduced lifetime costs, quieter running, longer greasing intervals and less heat in the control room.The SynRM requires an ABB variable-speed drive to control the speed of the shaft. There are currently three matched packages. One includes the high performance machinery drive (ACS850), one includes the industry specific water drive (ACQ810) and one includes an ABB industrial drive, ACS880, matched to either an IE4 or HO motor.The ABB industrial drive, ACS880, is an all-compatible variable-speed drive, designed for every eventuality. Featuring the latest 4th generation motor control DTC core, the drive is compatible with any motor. Energy saving functions include redundant speed controlled cooling fans, energy optimizer and reporting of kWh, MWh, CO2 emissions and cost, as standard. New innovations include built-in machinery safety functionality. Rated from 0.55 to 5,600 kW, the ACS880 is available as wall mounted up to 200kW.  Modules for cabinets installation and mutlidrives for full process lines are also available.ABB’s next generation of industrial drives are suitable for applications including cranes, winders, hoists and extruders as well as heavy conveyors.last_img read more

Poll Are you making efforts to reduce how much plastics you buy

first_img No, but I make sure to recycle (3405) Poll: Are you making efforts to reduce how much plastics you buy? A new Irish study has found that most deepwater fish in the north-west Atlantic have ingested plastic particles arising from pollution. By Sean Murray No (1037) YesNoNo, but I make sure to recycleNot sureVote 16,638 Views Yes (3897) Share25 Tweet Email1 A NEW IRISH study has found that most deepwater fish in the north-west Atlantic Ocean have ingested plastic particles, making it one of the highest reported frequencies of microplastic occurrence in fish around the globe.Microplastics are small plastic fragments that commonly originate from the breakdown of larger plastic items entering our oceans.It is mass-produced plastics from the likes of toys, bags, food and drink containers and utensils that make their way into the oceans, and it is a problem that is only expected to get worse in the coming decades.So, today we’re asking you: Are you making efforts to reduce how much plastics you buy? Poll Results: Feb 19th 2018, 8:39 AM Image: Shutterstock/Teerasak Ladnongkhun Monday 19 Feb 2018, 8:38 AM Image: Shutterstock/Teerasak Ladnongkhun Not sure (93) 57 Comments Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Christofias to visit Australia

first_imgCypriot President Dimetris Christofias’ pending visit to Australia later this month will be one of the key topics addressed at the annual national conference of the Federation of Cypriot Communities of Australia and New Zealand (PASEKA), which is being held this weekend in Darwin. The conference began yesterday and was launched with a cocktail party by the Northern Territory Government at Parliament House. The conference will finish tomorrow with the Cypriot Community Club of Northern Territory hosting the business aspect of the conference. Amongst others, High Commissioner of Cyprus in Canberra, Yannis Iacovou, will give an opening address.While the usual issues will be discussed, the participants will focus on President Christofias’ upcoming visit to Australia. A discussion on the various concerns and the future of education, the Greek language and Cypriot culture in Australia and New Zealand will be high on the agenda, with the aim being for Greek to be taught in all public schools. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Election pledges keep rolling in for Greek community

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram In the lead up to the state election this month, the financial pledges from both sides of the political spectrum continue to roll in for various sectors of the Greek community.With 2021 marking 200 years of Greek independence, on Thursday the Andrews Labor Government announced that if re-elected it plans to establish Victoria’s first $200,000 Greek Independence Festival and Events Fund for community organisations to hold celebrations, events and festivals that mark the bicentenary.“This is to make it extra special for every single person of Greek heritage, every family member, and the broader Victorian community … the biggest celebration of Independence Day outside Greece. And that makes perfect sense given that we are the biggest Greek centre, the biggest Greek city outside Greece after Athens and Thessaloniki,” Premier Daniel Andrews told Neos Kosmos, acknowledging the contribution Greek communities have made in creating a stronger state.In addition, Labor has committed to bringing the Hellenic Presidential Guard back Down Under to mark the momentous occasion, which the Premier said is not only special for the Greek community but for every Victorian.“It is a very moving, very very special occasion, and I am very honoured to be there,” he said, reflecting on the Evzones’ visit the past three years.“We will have them here as they have never been before; it will be a really special show. It will make a very poignant and emotional day for the celebration of our Greek heritage even more special.”The Liberal National party has also vowed to financially support the Greek Presidential Guard to visit Melbourne every year to participate in Greek National Day celebrations if Matthew Guy is elected Premier of Victoria.Cr Krys Pavlidis, and Ministers Jenny Mikakos and Robin Scott presenting PRONIA with $100,000 for its work in preventing family violence. Photo: SuppliedMeanwhile there was also good news for PRONIA this week.On Tuesday Minister for Early Childhood Education, Jenny Mikakos together with Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Robin Scott and Labor Candidate for Brunswick, Cindy O’Connor visited PRONIA to announce the allocation of $100,000 for its work in family violence prevention through the Victorian Multicultural Commission’s Capacity Building and Participation Program.PRONIA’s project will deliver case management service, culturally relevant prevention activities in metropolitan areas and facilitate community directed workshops in four regional communities, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and Shepparton, which represent 43 per cent of the total regional Greek population, to identify specific community needs with targeted effective prevention strategies.Minister Mikakos and local member Richard Wynne at Pronia’s Alpha Children’s Centre in Richmond. Photo: SuppliedThis comes in addition to the $420,000 that has already been committed to PRONIA to continue its newly arrived Greek migrant project, in recognition of its excellent service to the community.“Sadly for many migrant communities, talking about family violence has been a taboo subject. PRONIA’s work will assist the Greek community tackle this difficult issue,” said Minister Mikakos.Labor support to PRONIA extended to its Alpha Children’s Centre in Richmond. Minister Mikakos visited the centre with local Member, Richard Wynne to announce funding for its Greek bilingual kinder program, which will run from next year.Oakleigh Grammar is set to benefit if a state Liberal government is elected, the party having pledged $4.3 million to the school for upgrades.“We’re supporting the Greek community across all ages, from our youngest Victorians to our senior citizens,” said Minister Mikakos.“Greeks have a proud and rich history and the teaching of the Greek language at Alpha Children’s Centre will ensure we keep them connected to their language and their heritage.”Education is also high on the agenda for the Liberals, who on Tuesday pledged $4.3 million to Oakleigh Grammar for improvement works if elected.Announced as part of the Liberals’ $400 million Catholic and Independent Schools Capital Fund, the school has revealed it will put the money towards constructing an aquatic centre and a dedicated car park in a bid to ease congestion in nearby streets.last_img read more

Fundraising for primary heating up

first_imgClick on image to enlarge. With the Aug. 7 primary elections less than three weeks away, Republican legislative candidate Julie Olson is gaining a fundraising lead over her Democratic opponent Monica Stonier, but the two have raised significantly more than the other Republican in the race, Matthew Homola.All three are running for the 17th Legislative District House position being vacated by state Rep. Tim Probst, D-Vancouver. The top two selected by voters in the primary will advance to the Nov. 6 general election. Primary ballots were mailed Wednesday and should start appearing in mailboxes today.In Clark County, the primary election is necessary to winnow the field of candidates in two state House races, as well as Southwest Washington’s U.S. House race. In another state House race, a write-in candidate is gaining fundraising momentum in the hopes of landing on the November ballot.Olson has raised about $34,800 and has spent more than $12,800 so far on her campaign, according to a candidate finance report that was due to the state’s Public Disclosure Commission on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Stonier has raised nearly $23,000 and has spent nearly $14,000. Homola was not required to file the report because he plans on raising and spending less than $5,000 on his campaign.The amount of money raised and spent includes in-kind contributions, such as donated political signs or event catering.In the county’s other three-way House raise, Republican Liz Pike leadsin fundraising over her Democratic opponents, David Shehorn and Ryan Gompertz. Those three are vying for the 18th District seat being vacated by state Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, who was placed in the 20th District after the 2010 Census results prompted a redrawing of legislative districts.last_img read more

Alaska News Nightly October 10 2014

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprnDownload AudioJudge Hears Oral Arguments In Lawsuit Challenging Same-Sex Marriage BanAnne Hillman, KSKA – AnchorageSame-sex marriage is not legal in Alaska – yet. The U.S. District Court judge chose not to make a decision Friday after hearing oral arguments from both the State and a group of couples who are fighting the marriage ban.Elections Chief: Parties Say What They Want in Voter Pamphlet Liz Ruskin, APRN – Washington DCThe Division of Elections voter pamphlet is arriving in mailboxes across the state. Way in the back is a page that caught some voters by surprise. It’s a negative ad against Sen. Mark Begich. The ad itself is standard fare in this election.Begich Campaign Believes Race Comes Down To Rural AlaskaBen Matheson, KYUK – BethelJust weeks before voters decide the future make up of the U.S. Senate, Bethel residents heard what might be the start of the final push by the incumbent Senator.Legislation Planned To Strengthen Alaska’s Public Records ActMike Mason, KDLG – DillinghamA vocal critic of the current administration of Alaska Governor Sean Parnell plans to introduce legislation next year to strengthen the Alaska Public Records Act.Upper Valley Residents Remember Barbara WashburnPhillip Manning, KTNA – TalkeetnaRecently, Barbara Washburn passed away at the age of 99.  She was the first woman to set foot on the summit of Denali, but her legacy in the Talkeetna area has as much to do with who she was as what she did.AK: BodybuildingAnne Hillman, KSKA – AnchorageThe sport is usually associated with steroids, spray tans, and bizarrely bulging muscles. But for some competitors in Alaska, drug-free body building isn’t about vanity, it’s about therapy. After 24 years as an army ranger and a grueling tour in Afghanistan, Frank Loomis retired, joined the police, and started having a mid-life crisis. His solution? Start training with Mr. Alaska.300 Villages: IgiugigThis week, we’re heading to Igiugig, a community of just 69 people on Lake Iliamna. Alexanna Salmon is President of Igiugig Village Council in Igiugig.last_img read more